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Laundry questions

(7 Posts)
Vintagewannabe Thu 10-Jul-14 12:49:38

The seperate laundry baskets - can you get them with three sections for light dark coloureds big enough for a family of 5?

Colour catcher- these scare me, do they really work or am I going to cry when my lilac dress goes grey or dps white undies go pink?

Ironing board- mines so old the foam thingys gone flat and it's leaving diamond marks on clothes. Which do you have? Which are the best?

Laundry pile- if I wish hard enough will the fairies really sort it like I tell ds they do?


bouncinbean Thu 10-Jul-14 12:56:42

The only one I can answer is the ironing board - if you have a good one then just buy some new wadding and a cover, as new ones seem to all be small and mechanics are flimsy. Was very pleased to move in with DP and recover his old one as I hated my supposedly new board....

EmNetta Thu 10-Jul-14 13:37:37

Having caught my hand unfolding traditional ironing board, I can recommend one of the modern "halves", which has four small legs for using on worktop, tables etc. but I pull out a drawer and balance board on top, which makes it exactly right height for me, and no chance of trapping fingers. Cleaner's impressed enough to buy one when moving to smaller house, and it's certainly easy to store.

Vintagewannabe Thu 10-Jul-14 14:32:30

Night try the wadding idea thanks! Never thought if that, As there's nothing wrong with the frame itself. I have a huge roll in the garage so will be chaper than a new board!

Thanks for the tip about smaller ironing board but I mainly iron In The mornings and most work surfaces are being used by kids making breakfast and we don't have a dining table so there would be no top to place it on sad

4littleones Thu 10-Jul-14 15:05:37

colour catchers work..and you can reuse them loads of times to make it less of a cost. I use them for everything - I don't separate anything anymore and therefore don't even need washing baskets. I put washing straight in the machine and turn on once full enough. smile

wowfudge Thu 10-Jul-14 18:59:37

Get a new padded ironing board cover - they do need replacing after a while.

Laundry pile - the trick is to take a basket with you and sort it while you're watching telly.

BettyBolognese Fri 11-Jul-14 08:43:24

You can just recover your ironing board. They often need replacement covers JML do them and you can usually find them in your supermarket. I have a brabantia one it's massive which is great because so are DHs clothes. It's also fan for bedding.

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