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Wee right through mattress - help!

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Loftyjen Mon 16-Jun-14 03:36:00

DD (3yo) doesn't normally have daytime naps & is still in a pull-up at night, so have been lax about getting waterproof liner for bed hmm

Yesterday, she bucked the trend & took herself off for a nap, during which she had a huge wee that soaked right through the mattress confused

Am posting to check I'm not the only numpty this has happened to garner any advice I can regarding cleaning it, or are we facing a new mattress (gahhh!). Hubbie wiped if over with washing powder solution but had to put back on bed tonight as no other option for her.

Thanks in advance x

Loftyjen Mon 16-Jun-14 15:35:52

Shameless bump as I am really this clueless! blush

EggInABap Mon 16-Jun-14 15:45:47

I've been caught out this way with both ds's. I tried everything, from washing powder to disinfectant to bicarbonate drying in the sun in the garden, but nothing got rid of the smell. New mattress I would say. Sorry!

(I now have 2 waterproof sheets on EACH bed just in case)

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