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Carpet shampooing - where do I start?

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Handywoman Fri 13-Jun-14 15:18:48

I have had plasterers in and they took old, manly ceiling boards down and a world of black dusty horrendousness rained down on my carpet, transforming it from fine to filthy (with black marks).

I am desperately hoping the stains will shampoo out but have never thoroughly cleaned my carpets before <shameful admission>. Do I need to hire equipment? If so from where?

Need to do it quick before plasterers come back later next week (next room has wooden floor thank goodness).

Any recommendations/help appreciated!

Handywoman Fri 13-Jun-14 15:19:36

I would like to clarify my old ceiling boards were manky not manly(!)

WaffleWiffle Fri 13-Jun-14 15:26:52

Surely getting plaster dust wet (as with shampooing) will create a gunkey mess?

I would dry hoover it as much as possible.

Handywoman Fri 13-Jun-14 16:39:04

There's black marks, it's more than plaster dust

wowfudge Fri 13-Jun-14 22:43:10

I'd get a professional carpet cleaner in - their equipment will be more powerful.

sixlive Sat 14-Jun-14 06:23:53

I would wait until plasterers finished everywhere and then get the professionals in.

MelissaPiper Fri 17-Jun-16 08:01:48

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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