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3 Day house rescue thread - welcome all for tips and support.

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andsmile Thu 12-Jun-14 10:24:22

I know there are great threads for housework routines and decluttering. I just wanted to start a short sharp all inclusive update thread so I can see what I've done - you know, to keep me going wink

Please feel free to join in or add tips or just nose grin

My house is a midden and I want it back. I can't justify anymore playgroups or coffee dates (avoidance issues). I need to sort it. DH tentatively asked if I could give the kitchen a 'whizz' grin...

So in the absence of cleaning fairies I need to stage a one women revolt against limescale, dust, dirt, clutter, spider webs, outgrown toys, clothes, dishes and abolute piles and piles of laundry.

So after my v late breakfast and two coffees I am going to start with DD (2) room and her clothes - who will also be 'helping' Washer on and dish wash.

...considering using a laundry service just to help me get back on track hmm <ponder ponder>

andsmile Thu 12-Jun-14 10:51:34

Laundry on
Dishwaher on
Tidied and wiped benches down.

Aberchips Thu 12-Jun-14 11:39:10

Do the bathroom next - bleach the loo, limescale remover on taps/ showerheads etc, give everything a good squirt of bathroom spray & then leave to do it's work while you tackle something else.

ZenGardener Thu 12-Jun-14 11:45:08

Oh, good luck! I'm also on a mission today. I have a million things to do. Will keep you company if you like?

FallonColby Thu 12-Jun-14 11:52:25

So glad it's not just me, I think my ipad needs to be confiscated! I'll join you. Downstairs is ok so I aim to get all laundry done today, bedroom cleaned and ensuite cleaned.

ATurner Thu 12-Jun-14 11:55:32

Great thread, will definitely help.Also I support Aberchips on the advise, n leave for a while for easier removal of stains.

andsmile Thu 12-Jun-14 11:55:37

Hello zen yes of course, what are you starting with, have a <whispers> list? or are you using guerrilla warfare tactics grin

Aberships have you been spying on my bathroom? Im off to do just that while i sort through DD's clothes.

I'll be back in an hour. - I might say I plan to continue into early evening, Im not a morning person and tend to gather momentum as I work.

I MUST post DM'd birthday stuff today or I'll be for it!

andsmile Thu 12-Jun-14 11:57:33

oh crossed posts with more declarations welcome FallonColby and Aturner

right im going im going dam you farmville <mutters>

IWillYeah Thu 12-Jun-14 12:03:38

I'll join you. I've been at it since 9am, with a couple of coffee MN breaks included grin

So far I have:

Put the dishwasher on

Put all laundry away (took over an hour!)

Done two loads of washing and hung out to dry - still have LOADS to do.

Gone in to every room with a bin bag and got rid of rubbish.

Done a 'quick whizz' tidy of DC's rooms. Will need to do a proper declutter/sort out over the weekend.

Tidied the kitchen, taken the rubbish out - no actual cleaning yet.


IWillYeah Thu 12-Jun-14 12:04:32

Do my binbag trick...set a timer of you dare!

IWillYeah Thu 12-Jun-14 12:04:41


andsmile Thu 12-Jun-14 13:12:33

Hello Iwill I'll give anything a whirl, I'm fallen flybaby (Fly-lady) so yes I get get the binbag thing - how long do you set your timer for?

Iwill you seem to have done a lot actually. I know I will not get any real cleaning done today except essentials as I have so much to tidy first.

Well since last post at 11.57 I have:

Spray bathroom with Cillit Bang - too scared to leave it on taps (I have marked stainless steal as Have left bleach/sprays on too long) .

I sprayed and rinsed bathroom and sprayed it again for stubborn bits with Cillit.
I have sorted DD's many many clothes into piles and removed rubbish.
Hung washing
Second load in
Changed a nappy
Made lunch
Put all rubbish into outside bin
Picked all crap up off the floor around dining table in kitchen (toy storage and tablerobe/ironing piles/house admin)
Chucked food out of fridge that has gone off. blush - terrible, poor plannng has led to a bit of waste.

Im just having lunch now.

Im going to finish DD room and bathroom afterwards. Washing will be a while a whites on 2 hour cycle.

ZenGardener Thu 12-Jun-14 15:30:09

Ok, well the kids rooms are tidy but I can't Hoover etc as DD is sleeping so I made a list of the things still to be done.

Quick break then will get on with the stairs and hall, toilet and bathroom.

I have a lot of paperwork and stuff to do in with the tidying <sighs>

andsmile Thu 12-Jun-14 16:43:16

We will get there Zen I have messed about online too much this pm. Doing important research for the family - holidays for next year!

I have done school run - DD fell asleep on this so I'm limited to tidying too.

Hung out second wash
Put in third wash

My list:

Tidy living room - ready for hoovering.
Tidy DD room - sort through piles, bag stuff or put away.
Final rinse of bathroom - wipe sil and straighten toiletries etc.
Fresh towels in bathroom.

Goto shop for food - we have none, none I tell you!

Fold clean clothes into person piles - if I seen my kitchen table again I think I might faint.

Keep plodding along then smile

ZenGardener Thu 12-Jun-14 17:17:02

You are doing great!! I saw the bottom of my kitchen sink today. Gave it a good steam clean. The kitchen table is definitely on my list too.

andsmile Thu 12-Jun-14 20:20:16

Well just to end the day I have

Tidies living room
Polished and hoovered in living room
Hung out washing
Put in new washing
Put clena dishes away
Fed kids (a little bit)
Asda shopping - opening world up meal for DH
Tidied up random stuff from back garden lawn

As usual nowhere near as much done but we are in a better place to start tomorrow. I just dont seem to be able to 'fire through' the house tidying and cleaning like I used to.

I have cakes to bake tomorrow too. Which I'll have to shop for as DD and DS made my trip to asda an disaster - I would have been 'that mum' tonight. So embarrassing.

FallonColby Thu 12-Jun-14 21:27:47

Good for you andsmile, I bet you feel so much better for it. I managed all the laundry, hoovered downstairs and mopped kitchen floor, cleaned bathroom, ensuite and bedroom and gave the other 3 bedrooms a quick whizz round too. Made a nice dinner from yesterday's leftovers too so feeling happy tonight smile Tomorrow is food shopping, then tackling the ironing from today's washing and giving dd1's bedroom a proper sort out. We just seem to accumulate so much stuff.

andsmile Thu 12-Jun-14 22:46:35

Wow thats a lot FallonColby you got a fair few room done there wink

Ive just been itching my skin and realised its that tingle thats related to sunburn - yep the first really hot day and I am a little burnt. That's me covered up for the summer - GP wonders why I'm vit D deficient.

andsmile Fri 13-Jun-14 07:44:20

Ok so must do's for today are:

Bags to charity shop - I'm aiming for three
Bank cash point machine (long story not for cash)
Park for DD
Post Office for DM birthday and DF fray cards.

mumtobetothree Fri 13-Jun-14 11:18:49

Oooh I NEED this SO bad!! My name's mumtobetothree and I am a slob hangs head in shame

I've been without a washer for over three weeks, so I'm trying to get through the binbags (yes, binbags!) of dirty washing and am fighting an overwhelming urge to keep the very nicest stuff out and bin the rest and start again.

I also have a sink full of washing up (and then some) a dining room table full of clean washing, worktops full of the same, the coffee table and sofa pretty much the same, I suppose it needs taking upstairs and sorting. I've had to strip both sofas and wash as my toddler projectile vomited in the most spectacular fashion and hit every available surface, thus halting my mega wash, everywhere needs dusting, decluttering, wiping, de-stickifying (did I mention I have a toddler?!) I suppose I ought to finish my coffee and see what I can get done before the school run at 3.

ZenGardener Fri 13-Jun-14 12:28:45

Well, I tidied the kids rooms yesterday and cleaned the stairs, hallway, bathroom and toilet. Today I had to get some of the paperwork done and dropped it off at the post office so I was very pleased to get it finished. I'm still working on getting these little jobs ticked off my to do list. If I can keep the clean spots clean and get the living room and kitchen done this weekend I'll be very pleased indeed.

andsmile Sat 14-Jun-14 14:58:37

Hello, Im here not suffocated under laundry.

I spent yesterday doing:

Food shopping
Park - swings type
Pub Lunch
Post Office
More shops for Fathersday
3 hour bake to make cakes for today.
All with toddler
Some with whiney 8 year old

So very busy and productive so I dont feel guilty aout not doing house stuff as I didnt sit down until gone 11pm. BUT my house is now nearly back to how it was before.

I think some people must live to clean and organise. When Im dying I dont think im going to reget not cleaning as much.

Today we had a party to get to and still have another one to go to. I am shattered so sitting with feet up whilst DD asleep.

more like a week rescue

Zen very good point about keepign clean areas clean whilst trying to do others - like plugging holes.

Hello and welome to mumtobe That happened to me last year I used a laundry service to help catch up - I felt defeated somewhat admiting that I needed to use it. How quick does 3 pm come round - its madness. I always feel I should grab some peace and quiet before pick up too as DD sleeps.

How is everyone today?

andsmile Sun 15-Jun-14 12:06:15

Right im back to square one the house is a bombsite.

Either we are too busy to bother doing jobs, its in sleep, get ready, eat, out again or we just have too much stuff. Our house is a little small for us but not dreadfully so. More storage, mass clear out Im at a loss.

Right onward - we doing bedroom this pm DH is on hand to carry rubbish out, sort his own t-shirt collection.

Scousadelic Sun 15-Jun-14 12:08:27

Has anyone mentioned Flylady yet? I found that website a help when DCs were younger

mousmous Sun 15-Jun-14 12:11:54

and what s your dh doing of all of this?

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