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My bin smells of shit.

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bonzo77 Wed 11-Jun-14 13:30:08

Obviously that's because I put shitty disposable nappies in it. And it's hot. I have pressure washed the bin and it smells fine (for a bin). How to prevent a recurrence (I already bag the nappies), without saving the nappies to put in the public bin on the corner? The obvious answer is to stop putting poo in the bin, but re-useables are not for me, realistically I'm not scraping the poo into the toilet. That's too much intimacy with the poo for my liking.

Gerty1002 Wed 11-Jun-14 15:01:33

I have the Angelcare nappy disposal things. I thought they were a bit of an unnecessary putchase at first but they really do keep the smell in, which is essential when weaning!

CremeEggThief Wed 11-Jun-14 15:19:10

Have you not got a wheelie bin of your own? I put every single nappy I ever changed straight in the outside bin.

bonzo77 Wed 11-Jun-14 18:54:32

Yes it's our own wheelie bin. I put the bagged nappies in straight away. But lifting the lid is making me gag at the moment.

We have one of those angel bins in the loft from
DS1. I found it just meant the house smelt a bit more of poo and the wheelie bin only negligibley less. Maybe we could leave it outside...

CremeEggThief Wed 11-Jun-14 21:26:47

Try sprinkling some Jeyes fluid powder to take away the worst of the smell in the wheelie bin, but I wouldn't worry too much if the bin's outside. I never clean mine!

IamMummyhearmeROAR Thu 12-Jun-14 06:58:08

I will admit to putting plopable poos into the toilet- some people tell me that's gross but it's not as if I'm scraping it off with a butter knife. I found that helped a lot.

IamMummyhearmeROAR Thu 12-Jun-14 06:59:35

I also kept a carrier bag at the side of the bin each morning and filled that with the days nappies then tied it tightly before putting in the wheelie

OwlCapone Thu 12-Jun-14 07:00:33

I used to tip whatever poo I could into the toilet too. I didn't go so far as scraping it but that is what a toilet is for and it's not a whole lot worse than cleaning a pooey bottom.

Buttercup27 Thu 12-Jun-14 07:01:17

I use the angel care nappy bin. It's brilliant.

WottaMess Thu 12-Jun-14 07:02:39

How old is LO? I ask for consistency purposes.. grin

I do use reusables and honestly a 2 weekly black sack collection is a main reason why. That's gross. Baby poo (sub 6 m esp if bf) went straight into the washing machine. Post weaning, 'ploppable poo' (love it grin) down the loo. So if dc is post 6m I can't see why this wouldn't work? Unless without fleece liners the poo sticks more and plops less...confused

Finola1step Thu 12-Jun-14 07:04:25

Tip poo in toilet. Minimise how much poo gets sent to landfill.

bonzo77 Thu 12-Jun-14 22:21:59

He is 18 months. But has quite loose poos (eats a lot of fruit and drinks a lot of water). Flushing is not an option. He usually poos when he wakes up and DH gets up with the kids (if he didn't he'd never see them Monday to Friday). DH is a monumentally clumsy oaf. If he has to carry a nappy filled with sloppy poo he will leave a trail. Boak. As poo is biodegradable, it's probably the least of my guilty worries regarding disposables. I'm going to try double nagging and using the angelcare bin. And the jeyes powder.

pixiegumboot Thu 12-Jun-14 22:29:09

Double nagging will work the best smile

bonzo77 Thu 12-Jun-14 22:41:18

Ha! What an appropriate typo. I guess nag the child to shit less and the DH to drop less poo?

EmNetta Thu 12-Jun-14 23:44:53

Double (or treble) bagging copes well with any smells, and using cheapest works just as well. If you'd like a fresh smell on opening wheelie-bin, Neutradol make a good bin powder, among others, about £1 for large size.

BeCool Thu 12-Jun-14 23:54:48

Put the poo down the loo!

Hazchem Fri 13-Jun-14 11:53:18

The law says you shouldn't dispose of human waste in the household rubbish. So you are meant to try to get it off.
I bag them but them bag them with other rubbish then put them in the bin.

bonzo77 Fri 13-Jun-14 16:36:56

Really? How can disposables be legal? I mean without even a disclaimer or similar on the packet. What about tampax and pads?

bonzo77 Fri 13-Jun-14 16:44:12

In fact I just lifted this from my council website. Does not specifically mention no poo.

Hazchem Fri 13-Jun-14 21:53:04

Humm I've been told it several times but the only actual mention I can find is from netmums and I'm not sure that is reputable. I'm pretty sure the nappy packs used to say it on them but I've been out of the country for 18 months now so maybe they don't.

I'll be gutted as all my poo scrapping was with cloth and I used to say in my head well you;d have to do it with disposables anyway.

bonzo77 Sat 14-Jun-14 11:50:27

Obviously nethuns can't be reputable grin.

Btw double bags + jeyes = big improvement. Will be better still once the baby stops having diarrhoea <does not hold breath in anticipation, except when opening wheelie bin>.

crispyporkbelly Sat 14-Jun-14 11:55:30

All my reusables have a liner, you pick that up and flush the whole thing in the loo so no scraping at all

Notso Sat 14-Jun-14 12:08:15

If mine did solid poos I would merrily put them down the loo but they don't. It is the reason I gave up with reusables. I was sick of scraping sloppy loose poo off liners and nappies. I tried the flushable liners but I found my DC got butt munch with them so poo still got on the nappies.

My bin isn't quite so bad this year as I now only have one in nappies and we are working on potty training him so the poo is going on the floor

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