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Moths eradication without stinking the place out

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GotAnotherQuestion Wed 11-Jun-14 05:54:40

Any success stories?

PigletJohn Thu 12-Jun-14 10:04:22

Lots of hovering, especially under and behind furniture.

Putting all clothes and blankets through a tumbledrier (the heat kills eggs) and them immediately sealing them into a plastic bag or crate with a hanger so they do not get reinfested

Using Tranfluthrin hangers in all wardrobes and drawers.

Not putting away unwashed clothes that have been worn by a woman back in the wardrobe unless it is well protected by hangers (moths are attracted to the smell)

If the carpets are infested you may also have to spray, especially round the edges where they climb underneath. Usually, frequent vacuuming (preferably with an upright, but a nozzle round the edges) will control them. You can also use a steamer round the edges.

PigletJohn Thu 12-Jun-14 10:05:57

hoovering, obv.

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