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Has anybody got an Aga with AIMS?

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Castlelough Mon 09-Jun-14 22:16:09

Just looking for a little advice...

I've been looking at buying a reconditioned Aga, but the main supplier where I live doesn't supply them with AIMS.

So, I've been pondering on whether it would be work out better cost-wise in the long-term to invest in a new model with AIMS.

Does having AIMS on the Aga really make a big difference?

Also, is there a huge difference between the 2 and 3-oven models? I can only get a 2 or 4 oven reconditioned Aga, and 4 oven is really a bit too big for my kitchen. But if I bought new I would probably choose a 3 oven as it takes up the same space as a 2 oven.

Any thoughts or advice on my Aga musings?!

Castlelough Thu 12-Jun-14 18:46:38

Or has anybody experience of the Aga companion module?

Suzietwo Fri 13-Jun-14 08:27:46

I have a 4 door electric aims. It does power down a bit at night but not much and I don't think it makes a difference to my bill. I mostly just turn the whole thing down in summer.

I use 2 of the ovens the most. One is really just a warming over and another is used for storage! But I LOVE having the plate on top and for that it's worth having the larger model.

Not a fan on modules for cooking but can see a benefit in them if it means the aga can be switched off in summer. That said, we haven't found the heat too awful and last year was hot!

Castlelough Sat 14-Jun-14 00:02:12

SuzieTwo thanks so much for your input!
Do you have a separate cooker for when you turn off your Aga?

My favourite model is the 4-oven with warming plate. But....I had been thinking that having the two gas rings instead of warming plate might be more sensible. Tell me why I have to have the warming plate grinwink!
Space-wise I'm not sure where I would put an extra hob in the kitchen, which is why I was considering the 2-oven plus module because it takes up the same space as the 4-oven, but solves the problem of turning Aga off in summer (which I definitely will do!)
But we are designing the kitchen from scratch for a newbuild so maybe there is a way the kitchen designers might come up with..,,

Honu Sat 14-Jun-14 17:10:15

Have you looked at the Everhot Castle ? I have no mains gas and have had an Everhot for 4 years and love it. Same idea as an Aga (always on and ready to cook) but dead easy to turn down / go to different temps at programmable time / switch off or on completely. Mine has an induction hob on 1/3 of the top so when really hot I switch the whole thing off except for the induction hob.

pm me if you want further info

Honu Sat 14-Jun-14 17:11:41

Have you looked at the Everhot Castle ? I have no mains gas and have had an Everhot for 4 years and love it. Same idea as an Aga (always on and ready to cook) but dead easy to turn down / go to different temps at programmable time / switch off or on completely. Mine has an induction hob on 1/3 of the top so when really hot I switch the whole thing off except for the induction hob.

pm me if you want further info

Honu Sat 14-Jun-14 17:12:35

How did I do that? Sorry

TeaandCake Sat 14-Jun-14 22:28:08

We have a 2 oven AGA which we switch off during the Summer but we also have a built in Neff convection/microwave/grill oven which covers loads of cooking needs when the AGA is off.

We also have a table top (one ring if you like) induction hob, a slow cooker and electric steamer (all of which we had before the AGA anyway).

Ours was 2nd hand but if I was choosing a new one would prob go for a 3 oven version. That said, the ovens have such huge capacity we don't struggle at all with 2.

The real issue here is what colour do you prefer?smile

TeaandCake Sat 14-Jun-14 22:36:31

Just re-read the OP. If you are designing from scratch and have the space, a 2 ring gas hob would be brilliant. I once saw a photo of a kitchen in a magazine where the couple had done this and had chopping board built around/over it (a cover, if you will) for when it was not in use during the time when the AGA was on.

Def recommend the alternative multi function oven though.

TeaandCake Sat 14-Jun-14 22:50:53

Me again! I asked our service engineer about AIMS when he did the last service and he reckons he services loads of AGAs with it but people don't really use it as intended and end up ignoring it anyway. £1500 for nothing!

I use it dry all the laundry overnight when it's not in anyones way, hardly touch the tumble dryer throughout the Winter. Also have these which help to dry everything v quickly indeed!

Will shut up now.

Castlelough Sun 15-Jun-14 08:07:28

Honu thanks for the suggestion. I've never seen that brand here (Ireland) and the reconditioned place I'm going to has only Stanley, Aga and Rayburn...but i'll keep my eyes peeled!

Castlelough Sun 15-Jun-14 08:19:08

Teaandcake thanks that is really helpful! I LOVE the idea of the 'hidden' gas hob!!! Brilliant idea!
Thanks for explaining your alternative cooking methods! I can easily fit in another oven, maybe at eye height on a different wall of the kitchen to the Aga.

I'd really like to just put in the 4-oven with separate hob and oven if I can manage the kitchen design without it looking cluttery. It would cost a good bit less than buying the module, which is very expensive (almost as much as the 2 oven reconditioned proper Aga!)

The drying racks look great!!! Then do you put clothes directly on the hotplate lids to 'iron' them?

What colour did you go for?
Would it be terribly boring to go for the cream? I think it is so classic! Am afraid I might get tired of the other colours, although I like the duck egg blue and the navy blue colours too!

TeaandCake Sun 15-Jun-14 10:44:10

Never looked at modules before and hadn't realised how expensive they are! Wow!

Would have loved a proper hob too but not enough space. The single hob and all the other small appliances cover pretty much every cooking angle. We also eat more salads and cold meals in the Summer anyway. Do you barbecue? Another cooking method for the Summer.

I usually use the racks for drying as I had singed a few towels on the edges of the boiling plate before I got them. Anything dried on racks doesn't need ironing anyway.

Ours is British Racing green. We got it secondhand for a v good price so choosing the colour was never a consideration. Not the colour I would have chosen if new but I have come to love it since I love using it so much!
Duck egg blue is my absolute favourite but I guess cream gives you more options for choosing colours for the rest of the kitchen as it is neutral. Absolutely classic though. Navy is the other one I like too! It certainly won't date.
A friend has a 3 oven AGA in pearl ashes which is a gorgeous soft grey, it looks great in real life.

Castlelough Sun 15-Jun-14 12:18:22

TeaandCake we haven't got a BBQ yet, but it's definitely on the agenda.

DH is a terrible veggie eater. He won't touch salad with a bargepole, except for a little lettuce on his burgers (and that is a recent development!).

I wonder would 2 rings be enough? We have a deep fat fryer for chips (yes, I know! terrible, but we live a 35 min round trip to the nearest small town, so take aways aren't really an option) and we'll have a separate oven... decisions, decisions!

Castlelough Sun 15-Jun-14 12:21:01

And I'm thinking the Aga will be switched on Oct-April (so 7 months) then we'll need alternative arrangements for 5 months.

TeaandCake Sun 15-Jun-14 21:48:49

Similar to us then. We switched off mid-May and will re-light late September-early October when it starts feeling chilly again.

Two rings would be ideal for us, we don't exactly struggle but have to think a bit more carefully when juggling some meals, eg, spaghetti bolognese is started on the hob but then transferred to the oven to finish simmering and to free up the hob for the pasta. Alternatively, if I start the sauce good and early in the day, it goes in the slow cooker. Rice is cooked in the steamer so the sauce can be left on the hob. Casseroles and stews just go straight in the slow cooker.

Meat and veg meals are straightforward, oven for the roast and the steamer for the veg.

On the laundry front, loading up the racks, the rail and a clothes maiden parked in front of the AGA (about 2 full loads) in an evening will all be completely dry by morning. The maiden is one which can be folded together still full of laundry and placed to one side quickly in the morning to access the kettle without having to unload it first (will try to find a picture online), and of course the rack can just be lifted off fully loaded and set aside until I've had the first cup of tea!

Bumblebzz Mon 16-Jun-14 00:40:47

We used to have an old 2 oven Aga and when extending and refurbishing our kitchen had planned to recondition it. The cost of refurbing it versus buying a new one meant we opted for a new AIMS 3 oven gas model instead. We put a cheap electric oven in the utility room as backup but we rarely if ever use it. In summer we keep the Aga on, though AIMS means it doesn't generate as much heat. We have it programmed to "Slumber" every night which works well. When the house is empty we have it in Low mode. I am happy with it so far, there is still enough latent heat to dry clothes on it overnight.

Castlelough Mon 16-Jun-14 16:30:06

Thanks Bumble, do you find it has made a difference to your running costs?
Did you install a hob as well or just the extra oven?

Castlelough Mon 16-Jun-14 16:30:58

Am hoping to meet the kitchen designer at the weekend, so must decide re. Aga soon!

Castlelough Mon 23-Jun-14 18:31:32

Have settled on the 4-oven reconditioned Aga! :-)
Can anyone tell me how many shelves usually come as standard with the Aga? I must make sure I haggle to get all the bits I'll need!

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