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Carpet cleaners and rugs

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r3dh3d Mon 09-Jun-14 19:28:09

So, I have just bought a carpet cleaner. Which is all very fine and spiffy. However, I am having rug problems. The carpet cleaner has fairly strong suction, which of course it has to, if it's going to suck all the cleaning water back up again. But it's also sucking up the - rug to the point where it doesn't clean the thing at all, it just rucks it up into lumps and/or drags it across the floor.

I have tried getting DD2 to stand on one end of it to keep it taut (the rug, not the carpet cleaner) but she sees the carpet cleaner eating the rug and is convinced that it will eat her up too, starting with her socks. So she runs away, screaming, if it comes within a metre of her.

How does everyone else manage this?

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