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Toilet Duck Fresh Brush

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Peaceloveandbiscuits Mon 09-Jun-14 15:17:21

Has this been discontinued?! We've just moved house so decided to treat ourselves to a new brush unit only to find that absolutely nowhere sells them anymore, and the refill packs are reduced in price. I am fearing the worst, I love those things sad I'm going to try and order one on Amazon but should I be stockpiling?

wowfudge Mon 09-Jun-14 16:28:41

This is not going to help you, but I've always thought that flushing a wadge of stuff down the loo isn't a good idea. I know they say it's flushable and breaks down like loo paper, but I've see enough disgusting stuff on TV about this kind of thing not to want to use it. Plus it's expensive.

Peaceloveandbiscuits Mon 09-Jun-14 16:32:06

Wowfudge I wondered if that was why it had maybe been discontinued - I would never flush anything other than toilet paper down the loo, but I guess I blindly trusted that the pads are safe to flush! I've never had a blocked toilet but yeah, maybe it's not so great! confused

wowfudge Mon 09-Jun-14 16:41:36

Kim and Aggie used to say bin the brush and scrub at it yourself, with long rubber gloves on, obviously. I use a stainless steel loo brush with bleach and I do clean the brush itself regularly. I'm lucky to live in an area with very soft water so no need to worry about limescale, etc.

Peaceloveandbiscuits Mon 09-Jun-14 17:16:40

Ack no I can't do hands in toilet, even gloved. I don't like toilet brushes either, which is why the flushable pads were a god send, but now I'm doubting their environmental ethics! Eurgh I hate toilets!

wowfudge Mon 09-Jun-14 18:13:45

Peace - a lot of people's toilets are considerably more germ free than their kitchen work surfaces. Now that's disgusting! I find almost anything is doable with decent rubber gloves grin

crazykat Mon 09-Jun-14 19:15:57

My local morrisons and asda have plenty of them. They could be changing the packaging so the shops are selling off the old ones.

citygirl1961 Thu 12-Jun-14 20:53:33

I use this all the time, can't bear loo brushes and can't put my hand down the loo, even with rubber gloves on. I got the main brush from Tesco and now I just either order the refills with my online shop or pick them up at Wilkinsons. I've only seen the actual brush online at Tesco though. Don't know what I'd use if it was discontinued. I assume that because its made to be flushed down the loo then it should be safe enough to do so.

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