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need some motivation...

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4littleones Thu 05-Jun-14 12:56:09

sometime just posting here helps me see sense. I'm in the last few weeks of pregnancy and massively running out of energy and motivation to do the housework. I know people say try and chill out and not worry about anything but the basics HOWEVER that's what I want to do once the baby is born, so really don't want to be behind on things when this happens. plus we will have visitors and people round babysitting and I don't want to be stressing over the house.

I just can't be arsed! DS has been up half the night and DD2 hasn't been too well either.

I NEED to clean the car out before the baby is born, move the car seats around and put the car seat for the new baby in.

I also need to make space for the other baby things. And wash things so they are ready.

I have stacks of washing to put away and DS has just emptied his toys all over the floor.

I've got boxes of stuff waiting to be sold and bins to put out and dinner to prepare.

I just want to go to bed hmm

WowOoo Thu 05-Jun-14 13:00:21

How old is Ds?

Ds can put all his toys away while you make a start on putting washing away.

Then you can both have a lovely snuggle in front of the TV?! Or indeed, go to bed. Sounds like a rough night you had.

Have you got a list written in order of priority? Write how long each job could take on the list and plan to do it in bursts when you feel you can. Enlist help?

TheresLotsOfFarmyardAnimals Thu 05-Jun-14 13:02:48

Have you got anyone coming that you can make use of for either cleaning or childcare? A DH/DP?

DS is at the helping age so I give him a duster and he follows me around, helping.

Letsgoforawalk Thu 05-Jun-14 13:11:32

1 go to bed if you can cope with having it all still there when you wake up, if not, strong coffee and quick snack and get stuck in.
2 put away the washing
3 put the boxes in the car boot and drive to a charity shop (tomorrow!) if you can afford not to sell them. At least you don't have to see them then.
4 Sorry to disagree with wowoo on one point only. Don't get DS to put toys away, he can play with them while you do stuff you need to do.
5 get something out of the freezer for dinner ( if you mean evening meal) and plan now what you will have. ( if you mean dinner midday meal do that first. Things always worse when everyone is hungry)

Oh but before you start. Log off mn and turn off the computer!they are time thieves and will not generate any energy for you.
I struggle too with motivation, esp at this time of day after a bad night. Good luck. smile

4littleones Thu 05-Jun-14 13:36:46

thanks ladies. DS isn't of helping age. He is 1 and more like destruction age! Lol.

I've started tackling a cluttered cupboard full of crafts. bit of a non important task but it was the only thing I could face at the moment, and drinking a cup of tea in the process. going to to give most of it to a friend, hopefully today so it will be out of the house! and then hoping that gives me some motivation to do something a bit more useful.

I really should be doing the car while its not raining really. But couldn't be bothered!! I do have to go out in it after school to do the rainbows run so maybe that would be a good time.

I have a partner, who is fab and a huge help. so really I have no excuse!

WowOoo Thu 05-Jun-14 14:08:08

My car is always the last thing to get cleaned. It's a disgrace at the moment!

Sounds like you are nesting...good luck and congrats!

4littleones Thu 05-Jun-14 14:30:04

my car is awful though and I need to move car seats around etc to accommodate the extra person. (it's a 7 seater and the extra seats fold away to make a big boot). I am going to pay to get it actually cleaned. but I need to take all the junk out that accumulates in there and then take it to get cleaned in and out. The only tomes iv been in the mood to do it is when it's chucking it down! hmm and I don't do rain.

right so I have continued to declutter cupboards. which has actually involved making loads of mess and I only have half an hour till I pick the bigger ones up from school and they can't see anything that I'm getting rid of! biscuit I always do stupid things like this. But the over flowing shelves have been bothering me for a while to be fair. and once it's done it will be easier to keep clean and tidy. and hopefully will free up some space for other crap useful things

littlegreengloworm Thu 05-Jun-14 14:33:52

How much spare cash have you got ? Could you pay for a mini valet or even a nephew to do the car.

I was like you, wanted everything to be perfect but if your body is telling you to slow down, slow down.

littlegreengloworm Thu 05-Jun-14 14:35:21

Oh gosh, sorry see you have thought of that, I hadn't refreshed from earlier.

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