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Working and housework

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wowfudge Thu 05-Jun-14 07:29:24

OP I work FT so my routine is completely different.

I get up early and do tidying type jobs in the morning before work, including things like putting a wash on, emptying dishwasher, emptying tumble dryer, bins, running Hoover round where needed.

Thursday I try to get the bulk of the laundry done - I iron very little and DP's shirts are washed and ironed by launderette near where he works. Friday after work I food shop and clean the house leaving the weekend free.

If I were you I would designate one of your free 1-3 slots for your cleaning and walk the dogs in the evening.

If you have three teenagers they should be doing more than their own laundry and cleaning their own rooms imo.

kansasmum Wed 04-Jun-14 21:53:59

I'm trying to get more on top of the housework after getting rid of my cleaner. I work 5 mornings a week til 1pm and on a Thursday pm clean my mums house or do her garden.

So fir those of you who work what's your routine for housework? I have from 1-3 then it's school pick up, after school stuff etc. in those 2 hours I usually walk the dogs have lunch and do laundry. We are a family of 6 but the 3 teens all do their own laundry and clean their rooms and reluctantly do other jobs but I'm a bit of a control freak and like things done certain ways!!!
I just can't seem to get it organised and don't want to spend every evening doing housework!!

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