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Steam mops/ cleaners things- advice please

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dubai71 Wed 04-Jun-14 14:36:18

Advice please ladies.... I have decided I NEED one of these. Primarily because our ground floor is all tile or laminate and I am a lazy B when it comes to getting the mop and bucket out, and also in putting the required elbow grease in. Then I became aware that there are cleaners that you can also use for carpets and upholstery- sound interesting but I have a good hoover and don't need to replace that element. And that there are cleaners that can do baths etc. A whole new world!

So... my questions are:
1. are these steam cleaners the answer to my laziness or do they still require an element of work/faff?
2. is it worth getting an all round cleaner rather than just mop?
3. any brand/model recommendations?

Thank you in advance ;0)

whereisthewitch Wed 04-Jun-14 14:42:35

1) they are a delight to use...doesn't feel like work and very little elbow grease required.
2) get the all round one, I do the kitchen and bathroom with mine and the kitchen cupboards and the skirtibg boards and the kids toys and my windows and mirrors. Also use it in the car
3)mine is a prole 6in1 from b&m bargains though if you are on Groupon today there is a 10in1 on for £40 down from £100 with free delivery!

dubai71 Wed 04-Jun-14 15:41:06

whereisthewitch- thank you for being my housekeeping angel... i am off to recover the groupon email from where it got filed in trash without being opened ;0) much appreciated

whereisthewitch Wed 04-Jun-14 20:43:12

You're very welcome. ...I get a bit evangelical about steam mop/cleaners, can't believe it took me so long to get one!

GotAnotherQuestion Wed 04-Jun-14 21:12:21

Can you use them on natural stone and floorboards?

When I had a little nose around it looked like there are certain floors you would ruin with the steam, but it was all very vague and seemed to put the onus on checking with flooring manufacturers (not possible with 100 year old original wooden floorboards)!

It's kind of held me back from buying one until I get the answers I need.

Sorry to hijack the thread a little smile

celineybeanie Thu 05-Jun-14 00:43:55

I really want to get one to do my tile floor in the kitchen and the insides of the windows. And the shower (cos of the water marks) What else can I use it for?? I've always used hot water with fairy and bleach for everything so I'm not sure I could get out of that habit

rhubarbcrumbleplease Thu 05-Jun-14 07:36:20

Watching with interest. I've got a small (Volti?) which is hopeless. It runs out of steam too quickly & you have to edit for it to cool down before refilling.
I'm imagining a replacement for a mop & bucket it was I'm looking for. Can you use them on stone floors?
Hope I haven't hijacked.

rhubarbcrumbleplease Thu 05-Jun-14 07:36:42

Wait, not edit.

whereisthewitch Thu 05-Jun-14 08:09:02

I'm not sure about stone floors and floorboards byt tbh I don't see why uou couldn't. I use mine on laminate and tile floors and it's fine.

celiney i use it on everything. ...clean my whole bathroom with it, my doors, my sofa, toys, windows, mirrors, skirting, my car, kitchen cupboards inside and out, my oven, the hob, my wooden venetian blinds, just everything!

I know what you mean about using bleach but honestly you won't need it except to throw down the loo once you've steamed.

Gobbolinothewitchscat Thu 05-Jun-14 10:55:09

why do I read these threads grin

Am now the proud owner of a morphy Richards 6 in 1 one. Looking forward to it arriving tomorrow and getting stick in

I have another steam mop that I can use with detergent. It is brilliant for cleaning my tiled storm porch.

The morphy one looks good for the attachments for windows etc. detergent one doesn't have that

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