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would dettol mould and mildew on the washing machine rubber seal be a terrible idea?

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SuperConfused Wed 04-Jun-14 09:41:15

I have spent the last year trying to figure out why clothes sometimes smell kind of musty. I bought a lakelands heated airer, I open windows more when drying, I couldn't figure it out. Then yesterday, having done a maintenance wash, I stuck my head in the machine and for some reason opened up the rubber seal inside the door (ours kind of folds over). Its FULL of mould sad

It was my first maintenance wash (with soda crystals!), but I wash towels at 60 degrees so there are some hot washes, and I always leave the door open. I am so horrified and can't wash any more clothes till its gone: but there's quite a lot there. We only ever use liquid detergent which I now realise may be the problem. I tried scrubbing at it, and did another wash at 90 with vinegar, and it is having an effect, but I can't see it getting rid.

I can't replace the seal without telling the landlords and I don't really wan't to fork out myself and can't imagine them agreeing to replace. Googling online suggests some people have used dettol mould and mildew, which I already have in the bathroom.... if I put a little on a cloth, then wipe it away immediately, would that be ok? Could it at least shift the worst of it?

I obviously don't want the seal to dissolve but replacing it isn't an option and I feel like I've tried most other advise online.

specialsubject Wed 04-Jun-14 10:04:57

bit of a bump because I have the same problem and do the same things as you. Not sure if M and M (!) is the right stuff.

keep scrubbing and repeat as necessary to get off all the loose stuff, and see if that is better. It isn't harmful though.

the stain is probably embedded in the rubber, but if you get rid of the loose stuff and smell that is all that is needed.

does anyone know if it is the liquid detergent that causes this? I have a septic tank so don't want to be chucking too much bleach around.

also is there any scope for outside drying? It is in both your and your landlord's interest for you to have this.

SuperConfused Wed 04-Jun-14 10:16:03

I've read (in the last 24 hours!) that liquid detergent has a lot to do with it and you should use powder bio, at least sometimes, which I guess I could do for hot towel washes, but I didn't know it was a thing.

Absolutely no scope for outside drying unfortunately: third floor flat with no balcony. Do keep windows open a lot though, but basically laundry in its many forms is the bane of my life.

Glad to hear if the stain is still there it doesn't mean the mould is: I feel more confident I can put some elbow grease in and get rid of the 'loose' (yuk) stuff but can't imagine it returning to its natural colour soon.

FannyFifer Wed 04-Jun-14 10:16:15

Yup I have used that before, leave it on for a bit, have used bleach as well.

It's actually not too expensive to get seal replaced, if you are in any way handy you could even do if yourself.

FishWithABicycle Wed 04-Jun-14 10:18:04

Can you consult the machine manufacturer?

tbh in most cases by the time the mold gets that bad the only solution is to replace the seal. This needn't be that expensive - e.g. this one is less than £25 - but obviously depends on make & model - and you could easily spend nearly that on trying different kinds of magic cleaning product many of which are easily £5 per bottle.Dealing with it this way and telling the landlords you have done so seems to me a preferable solution than having smelly clothes.

We had this problem just beginning to start when the washing machine broke catastrophically with an unrelated issue. With the new machine I am making sure I do monthly maintenance washes with strong washing-machine-cleaner liquid and keeping it fresh.

specialsubject Wed 04-Jun-14 11:43:29

I didn't know that liquid was an issue- hmm.... my machine under 2 years old. Argh!

as the machine belongs to the landlord, any fixes will be done and paid for by him. So if it does need doing, let him know. Hopefully the cleanup will solve the smelly clothes problem.

re outdoor drying - last resort, is there no communal area for a line? (Which again your landlord would be providing)

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