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does anyone have an opinion on Esure?

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mckenzie Tue 03-Jun-14 20:49:51

they are coming up best for DH's car insurance but we've never been with them before.


e1y1 Wed 04-Jun-14 02:06:12

I have had home insurance with them for about 10 years, and never had an issue. I have made two claims with them, they have always been helpful and fair in the claims. So no real issues at all.

Can't comment on Car Insurance through them though, as all of that is taken care of for me.

mckenzie Wed 04-Jun-14 07:31:07

Thanks Ely1

specialsubject Wed 04-Jun-14 10:06:06

used them for car insurance last year. No claim, but did change car halfway through and got charged for the admin as expected. Good website, efficient service.

have changed though as you need to every year, staying with the same insurers is never competitive.

mckenzie Wed 04-Jun-14 11:58:11

We've saved over £350 by changing insurer this year!

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