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Can you recommend an integrated dishwasher please?

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IwishIwasmoreorganised Tue 03-Jun-14 20:29:12

Ours has been struggling for months, but we've chivvied it along so far.

Today it seems to have totally given up so we'll looking at replacing it.

Anyone got any recommendations for an efficient one at a good price?

ILikeToClean Tue 03-Jun-14 20:31:01

We just got a Bosch integrated one, around £500 and so far so good. Got it from Currys.

PigletJohn Tue 03-Jun-14 20:38:41

No, I don't approve of integrated appliances. They are more troublesome to install or repair, and not good VFM.

But Bosch d/wrs are generally very good. If you are rich you can have a Miele.

AnnaDoreta Tue 03-Jun-14 20:41:55

I agree with piglet john, have had no end of problems with integrated ones. Ours just broke for the final time and we've slotted in a standard freestanding dishwasher. Fits perfectly and saved us a few quid too.

I recognise that's not a very helpful post if you're set on an integrated one. Sorry!

Mum2Pea Tue 03-Jun-14 20:45:01

we got a bosch one for approx 500 and it never washes properly (or dries for that matter)
have had a bosch engineer out 3 times and it's still no better.
engineer said it was a common problem with bosch dishwashers!

MirandaGoshawk Tue 03-Jun-14 20:50:29

I'm very happy with my Hotpoint. I've had no problems with it in 9 years.

Wrt dishy not working, have you tried cleaning it out? Taking apart the bits at the bottom and cleaning them, and then putting in some special dishy cleaner & running it on empty? Sorry if this is blindingly obvious but friends of mine didn't know they were supposed to do this occasionally & wondered shy theirs wasn't cleaning properly.

IwishIwasmoreorganised Tue 03-Jun-14 20:54:06

Thanks. I would like another integrated one. Our kitchen is only just over 5 years old and I like the way it all looks !

We've always been good at cleaning the filters frequently and running a hot empty wash with the cleaner thingies monthly. Since it's been playing up, we've googled problems and have cleaned out other nooks and crannies that we never knew existed!

Our budget isn't up to Miele, I've had a quick look and CDA ones look quite good and have decent reviews but I've not heard of them at all.

PaulinesPen Tue 03-Jun-14 21:01:39

We have an AEG one. 18 months old - still delighted. I do clean filters and run a cleaning wash regularly. Don't know if it helps but I do it all anyway to be on the safe side.

ceres Tue 03-Jun-14 22:49:19

we have a siemens integrated. it's very good.

previously had a hotpoint integrated - complete crap from day 1. very happy when it broke after 6 years.

before that had a freestanding bosch - great machine but we wanted an integrated one when we moved. old bosch given to a family member and still going strong.

I think bosch and siemens are the same company, could be wrong though.

PigletJohn Tue 03-Jun-14 23:28:04

Bosch and Siemens are separate companies

However they jointly own a company called BSH (Bosh & Siemens Householdappliances) which designs and builds their fridges, washing machines etc.

The designs are often very similar, and many of the components are the same. Siemens aims a bit upmarket, though there is overlap, and some of their machines are a bit fancier. Some of them are absolutely identical apart from the name badge.

notapizzaeater Tue 03-Jun-14 23:40:02

My NEFF integrated dishwasher has also died today, pump gone so not viable to repair.

I'd seen a CDA one too, good reviews for dishwasher but generally their appliances seem to be rubbish confused no idea who makes them.

Was also looking at a £500 Bosch one as it only uses little water ..... Stopped looking as brain hurting !

PigletJohn Tue 03-Jun-14 23:45:54

I think all modern dwrs are economical on water and electricity.

Every time I buy one it is quieter and more economical than the one before. Certainly more economical than hand washing.

IwishIwasmoreorganised Wed 04-Jun-14 16:45:09

My brain was hurting too much too pizza !

Strangely enough ours worked properly last night for the first time in weeks confused

lucidlady Wed 04-Jun-14 16:57:29

Interesting to hear about these integrated DW problems. I've had integrated models for over 10 years and never had any issues. My current model is an AEG and before that I had a Rangemaster.

Girlsbrigadewashorrible Wed 04-Jun-14 17:05:57

We have a Siemens integrated and I really like it. It has an extra top drawer for cutlery so the bottom drawer has a bit more space (no cutlery basket). More importantly, it is extremely quiet. Personally I wouldn't have a free standing machine in a modern kitchen even if they are supposed to be cheaper and more reliable.

notapizzaeater Wed 04-Jun-14 19:58:54

Well I've ordered done, a Beko one, good water consumption (10 litres) coming Saturday. HAd decided on a Smeg one but the reviews warned about Denby plates not fitting well and we've got Denby.

Fridays nights challenge is getting the old one out ready to put the new one in,........

IwishIwasmoreorganised Wed 04-Jun-14 20:19:21

Good luck with that! That'll be DH's job.

I'm hoping that ours will be ok for a bit. Fingers crossed!

ILikeToClean Fri 06-Jun-14 18:44:58

Yes interesting what is said about integrated. Our old one was a Diplomat installed with our kitchen (MFI!) 12 years ago and only died 6 months ago, so not too bad as it was on at least once, if not twice, a day. I heard that Diplomat were made by Bosch in any case but not sure how true that was...

I think as long as you look after them surely integrated dw's are no worse than freestanding (and much better hidden IMHO!).

notapizzaeater Sat 07-Jun-14 14:45:10

Well that was fun, took 2 of us, both very practical people 3 hours to install the bloody thing. It's in now though gringrin

ClaimedByMe Sat 07-Jun-14 14:48:11

I have a beko integrated one, had it a few years now, no issues if I remember to clean filters regularly!

I paid currys to fit it

notapizzaeater Sat 07-Jun-14 15:20:59

I've said if it breaks again were moving house angry

Bonsoir Sat 07-Jun-14 15:27:09

I agree with other posters: none of my kitchen appliances are integrated - they are better VFM and easier to repair and maintain if they are freestanding (or slotted in under a kitchen top).

RuddyDuck Sun 08-Jun-14 14:22:01

We have an integrated Bosch dishwasher. Our previous dishwasher lasted more than 10 years before it died, and it wasn't that difficult to get it removed and the new one installed. Like a pp said, I prefer the look of a fully integrated kitchen, and don't like freestanding appliances, so would opt for an integrated machine no matter what.

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