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Rusty BBQ racks

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LiveInABox Mon 02-Jun-14 20:07:59

Posted this already in Property/DIY before remembering there was a Good Housekeeping topic confused

BBQ had it's first outing of the year this weekend, it's kept covered over the winter but even so, the cooking racks are covered in rust! Got round it by covering in tin foil and I've had a good scrub with a Brillo pad today to no avail. Has anyone got any advice or top tips on how to remove rust and how to prevent it (other than keeping the racks inside)?

wowfudge Mon 02-Jun-14 22:41:02

Soak them in vinegar overnight and clean off next day. You can try rubbing a thin layer of vegetable oil on them after you've cleaned them, but storing them indoors or in a shed or garage is the best way to keep them clean and rust free.

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