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Aaaagh, have found blood on white dress I have washed and dried already.

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WalkingThePlank Mon 02-Jun-14 18:29:47

This morning I put a whites wash on and DH kindly hung it out for me in the sun. What he didn't notice was that there was blood all over my white dress on the back, front sleeves etc. Now, there wasn't blood on it when I put it in the wash basket but husband had a bloody handkerchief which he soaked last night which I think he must have put in the drum of the washing machine and then I inadvertently put my dress on top of it this morning where it sat for all of 2 minutes before the program started.

I can't bleach the item because the dress has some red embroidery. I have squirted Shout on it and put it in a bowl of Oxyclean to soak but nothing is happening.

Can it be saved?

krasnayaplats Mon 02-Jun-14 21:07:47

I have got blood off white by soaking in a solution of vanish powder overnight. I would keep the bit of the garment with the embroidery out of the bowl if possible.

Kittykat7 Wed 04-Jun-14 13:51:43

Soak in cold water with some salt. It seems to break down & draw out the blood.

celineybeanie Thu 05-Jun-14 00:50:45

I did read somewhere on the web that meat tenderiser powder works just work it into a paste and scrub in

Nocomet Thu 05-Jun-14 01:18:02

Hydrogen peroxide is good, but you will need to check a corner of the embroidery.

Generally, the strength you need doesn't bleach patterned/coloured fabric, but embroidery thread isn't always that colour fast.

ILoveWooly Thu 05-Jun-14 10:26:44

Any luck?

I got blood all over my linen trousers last summer from DD falling. By the time we had been to the hospital and home it was thoroughly dried in. I applied a salt paste overnight then soaked in a bath of salt water for almost 2 days and they were saved!

WalkingThePlank Sat 07-Jun-14 16:51:24

I tried everything and most of it is out except a couple of small spots on the back - which I can't see I can ignore them!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sat 07-Jun-14 18:33:49

Run under a hot tap-do not use boiling water-then use bio detergent to wash. Ds has loads of nose bleeds and this works every time.

1805 Wed 11-Jun-14 00:37:39

try covering stain with fairy liquid, and leave to soak in overnight, then reapply and wash as normal.

LadySybilLikesCake Wed 11-Jun-14 01:02:59

If all else fails, use a white sharpie!

MadameDefarge Wed 11-Jun-14 01:04:27

milk is also great for getting out bloodstains. something enzymy in it..

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Wed 11-Jun-14 01:11:12

Realise am late to thread but for future ref. the saliva of the person who the blood came from will dissolve it.
Then wash with bio powder.

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