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Deodorant /sweat marks - tips please!

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curlyHedgehog Mon 02-Jun-14 15:16:58

I've looked for a thread on this, but can't find the answer I'm hoping for on this eternal question... How do you get rid of/prevent sweat and deodorant patches on clothes? I've got some newish clothes that are close to being binned already for this reason..

Has anyone found an anti perspirant that doesn't leave marks and does its job?

I've been washing my clothes with dds at 40 degrees using fairy non bio, it seems a rubbish detergent and gets no stains out at all, let alone deodorant...

Should I switch to bio for my clothes or is there a decent non bio that anyone would recommend?


MoonlightandRoses Mon 02-Jun-14 22:33:49

I find the Sure 'no white marks' one minimises them. You could pre-treat with Vanish or similar? Essentially they're a bio cleaner in a spray, meaning you could get the benefits while still using the same wash as DDs. I find the trick is to spray and then scrub the fabric together prior to putting in the wash (I wash at 40 too).

IDontDoIroning Mon 02-Jun-14 22:45:32

Wilkos do a white vinegar spray for 99p or buy it by the bottle in asda - spray the marks leave a while and then wash.

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