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Drying clothes indoors

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brunel12 Fri 30-May-14 17:40:54


I am just about to purchase my first property, a ground floor studio flat in London, and wondered what the best way of drying clothes effectively would be? Currently, I lodge with my landlord and I am able to use a clothes horse in the bathroom. Unfortunately, the bathroom in my flat will be too small for this purpose and as there is no central heating, wont be any warmer than the rest of the property - all the properties in the area are electric only due to proximity of a sewage works. There will be one portable oil fueled electric heater in the main room - total size of the flat is 307 sqm. Would using a dehumidifier work as a cheaper alternative to a tumble dryer? If so, what is a good make/model to buy?

Many thanks

PigletJohn Fri 30-May-14 18:23:31

I strongly recommend a tumble drier.

Draping wet clothes around your home will make it damp, it will diffuse into all the rooms, and I don't believe your dehumidifier will do as good a job as a dryer.

A modern dryer costs between about 30p and about 50p per full load, depending on whether it is synthetics or cotton. Some Heat Pump driers use much less electricity, but cost much more to buy. If you have Economy 7 or similar electricity tariff, it would be about half-price at night.

Cheapest of all is an outdoor washing line.

wowfudge Sat 31-May-14 04:15:17

I love tumble dryers precisely because you do not have stuff hanging around drying everywhere. The damp air created helps dust mites breed amongst other things.

If your studio flat is too small for a dryer, I would seriously consider using the local launderette and paying for a service wash and dry so you don't have to hang around while it's being done. They can probably do your ironing too. Worth it ime.

SavoyCabbage Sat 31-May-14 04:46:14

I would look at getting a tumble dryer too. Trying to dry stuff indoors can start to take over your life.

beanynamechange Sat 31-May-14 05:20:11

Tumble drier if you have the space? I'd love one.. 2 bed flat with storage heaters that are off for half the year and no outdoor drying space here = serious mould problems sad

TheUnemployableLeech Sat 31-May-14 06:34:23

Is there a communal drying room in the block of flats? Lots of blocks of flats have those where I am. At the moment, I use a dehumidifier in the room I dry the washing in, it's brilliant and it dries overnight. It is one that has a "dry laundry" setting though, not just the standard three controls. I do have a tumbler and it is invaluable for drying the big stuff, duvets, duvet covers, towels etc but not everything is tumblable. I dry that stuff on the balcony in the summer but that isn't an option in the winter.

If space is a premium I personally would seriously look at putting in a drying rack (in the bathroom as there should be good ventilation in there else you would need a dehumidifier in there anyway) that you could winch up to the ceiling. Then you don't lose any floor space to dry clothes.

Girlsbrigadewashorrible Sun 01-Jun-14 00:28:25

Yes yes to using a local launderette. A service wash shouldn't be too expensive and then I would get an airier to put over the bath for smaller items.

Girlsbrigadewashorrible Sun 01-Jun-14 00:33:21

Sorry just re read your post. Lack of heating in the bathroom will be an issue but not just for drying clothes! Maybe you could install a wall mounted fan heater or similar for instant heat to keep you warm in the bathroom.

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