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Replacement for my Nicer Dicer

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SixImpossible Thu 29-May-14 13:58:56

I used my Nicer Dicer several times a week for 3-4y, and it finally br

SixImpossible Thu 29-May-14 13:59:53

oke last week.

I can't find exactly the same in Amazon, and reviews at every mixed.

Can anyone recommend a model?

SixImpossible Thu 29-May-14 14:00:46

confused? I don't know why my phone does this split post thing.

PrivateBenjamin Mon 02-Jun-14 15:06:13

Sorry I can't help but I'm marking place because I saw the infomercial and I really want one of these!

Reasontobelieve Mon 02-Jun-14 19:45:49

I'd never heard of a Nicer Dicer until I read your thread above and was really interested, as I've been looking for a dicer. There is one on the Tesco Dire t website that gets some good reviews. Some of the appliances that claim to doce appear to get quite poor reviews for this particular function. There is a Lakeland machine and a Tefal appliance, but some of the reviews mention that the food gets stuck in them.

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