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Recommend me a washing machine

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SandStorm Sun 25-May-14 13:45:13

My washing machine has just died on me and the cost of repairing it just isn't' worth it. It was a Whirlpool and lasted 9 years.

What have you got, how long has it lasted and why do you like it (or not)?

partystress Sun 25-May-14 13:50:59

Miele. Bought it because it came with a 10 year warranty (they are doing similar offer right now!). Fab, fab, fab. Used at least twice a day every day and is now 12 years old. I will feel bereaved when it finally packs up. Costs a lot more to buy, but has worked out way cheaper than the 3 I had previously, all of which failed as soon as they were out of warranty.

jeee Sun 25-May-14 13:52:50

It's really worth getting a Miele.

<wanders over to the washing machine hissing ''my precious''>

e1y1 Sun 25-May-14 15:37:20

I have never had a Miele, however, I did get an all singing all dancing Samsung Eco Bubble 12kg Load (which cost more than a standard Miele)

It lasted for a grand total of, wait for it.... 7 MONTHS!!!

So I would advise staying away from Samsung, they did refund me for the machine though (after a 5 engineer visits) retailer had gone bust, so Samsung did refund.

I replaced this with a similar all singing and dancing LG 12KG, had that for about 6 months, it's a good machine, but not sure how long it will last.

I need to stop getting sucked in by machines with bells and whistles

Best washer I have owned so far, was a Bosch - excellent, I sold it to get that bloody Samsung. My sister still has it, works and looks brand new, it is only 4 years old, but never, ever a single issue from it.

I go to my sisters to admire it now grin

Fuckalella Sun 25-May-14 16:26:45

Not for everyone, but I love my cheap and cheerful Beko machines! (Miele are sadly out of my price range for the foreseeable future). My current one is only 18 months old, but my previous one lasted 7 years which I can't complain about given that it was less than £300!

georgedawes Sun 25-May-14 16:30:56

Miele or bosch

SandStorm Sun 25-May-14 19:59:35

Interesting array of machines - we've gone for a Bosch in the end. I couldn't justify the extra cost for a Miele but maybe one day…

Thank you all smile

curlyHedgehog Mon 02-Jun-14 15:04:30

I have a bosch, it is around twenty years old, as is my bosch dishwasher :-) both used several times per week.

mrsmopps Tue 03-Jun-14 10:26:04

I had a bosch before and it was great.
got a zanussi now and although it's really good at washing the clothes the programmes take forever, it's noisy and the door is difficult to close.
would recommend bosch

boobyooby Tue 03-Jun-14 10:32:16

miele here too - I love it (and yes a ten yr guarantee!!). Am now saving for a Miele tumble dryer smile

PigletJohn Tue 03-Jun-14 10:38:15

get a Bosch

or a Miele if you can afford it.

The simpler models by any maker are generally made to the same standards of design and build, and the same major parts as the more expensive ones, but are less complex (so have less to go wrong). A basic machine from a good maker will be more reliable than a fancy one from a budget maker.

Muddle2000 Wed 04-Jun-14 11:09:46

Washing machines are not built to last these days Apparently the average is 5-7 years for any cheaper ones Look at a web site called Whitegoods Hotpoint are the best on the cheaper side as they do a 5 year PARTS guarantee (you would still have to pay for the labour) If you can fork out for one with a 10 year guarantee then it is worth it as it removes the worry Also so much depends on how much you use it and how you look after your machine as well AN ABSOLUTE MUST IS ONE WITH A TIME DELAY you can have your machine on when it is Economy 7 time (night/early morning) so it saves electricity
DO NOT BUY A WASHER DRYER if you wash a lot as you cannot wash and dry at the same time and there is more chance they will break

EmGee Wed 04-Jun-14 13:41:43

I second/third/fourth Bosch - ours is still going strong (bought in 2001).

Although (off topic) I am less impressed with our (2009) Bosch dishwasher.

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