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Food mixer / food processor

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rainbowmagic1974 Sat 24-May-14 07:05:15

I'm starting to do more cooking and baking. I have a hand held whizzer which doesn't quite do the job! Can anyone recommend a mixer/ food processor which is good but not extortionately expensive please? I'm not a great cook, so it's all a bit daunting to me!
Thank you smile

bakingaddict Sat 24-May-14 07:09:43

I remember seeing in Tesco some sort of stand mixer with a bowl for about
£50 and some of the Kenwood ones are not too bad in price.

Laureline Sun 01-Jun-14 18:10:33

I have the Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender (50 pounds on amazon), bought it in 2011 and it is still working well.
It's really good: I've made soups, mashed potatoes, chopped fruits, nuts, and vegetable, whisked eggs, etc.

Laureline Sun 01-Jun-14 18:34:39

Oops. Re-reading your first message, you seem to want something not hand-held?

What I like with the Kenwood is that I can put it easily in a cupboard after using it, so it saves on counter-space.

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