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How do you clean your bath?

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gaggiagirl Thu 22-May-14 09:03:41

I've recently moved and now have a bath with a shower over it.
Its a total pain in the ass to clean due to the shower screen its hard work getting into all the nooks.

Is there anything I can spray on and rinse off with minimal scrubbing?

How do you clean yours?

PestoSunnyissimos Thu 22-May-14 09:08:38

I use

Method products

Highly recommend smile

gaggiagirl Thu 22-May-14 09:20:04

I've never tried method. Looks good thanks for the link.

Nocomet Thu 22-May-14 09:31:19

I don't, it doesn't get dirty, people chuck water and soap about in it and that cleans it.

I wipe the sides very occasionally. Two teen DDs leave so much clutter you can't see them most of the time anyway.

Bonsoir Thu 22-May-14 09:32:41

Cillit Bang bathroom mousse is great for shower doors and tiles.

StealthPolarBear Thu 22-May-14 09:41:27

Ours gets filthy, I think its a combination of mud splatt er red dh bathing after cycling and it's right under the window which is always open so always seems to have leaves/ insects in it.
and because it doesnt have a shower attachment I find it a pain to rinse! I tend to just scrub as well as I can with washing up liquid and then rinse with a jug but it's a big bath and it takes a while.

Bonsoir Thu 22-May-14 09:46:28

All baths and showers get bacteria in them - you need to clean them.

mousmous Thu 22-May-14 09:49:49

wipe dry with a towel after ever use.
heat and air the bathroom so it dries out between usies.
for the tub I use a cream cleaner and walls and shiney taps spray with 50/50 white vinegar/water and wipe off.

eggybrokenoff Thu 22-May-14 09:50:05

I have gone for a white very cheap shower curtain instead. when it goes a bit manky I buy another for a fiver. the doors drive me mental!

CarCiKoTab Thu 22-May-14 09:50:18

You could try CLIT BANG to get rid of limescale and cif is good for bringing it back to a nice colour.

whereisthewitch Thu 22-May-14 09:51:39

My new 6in1 steam cleaner! No chemicals required and is sparkling afterwards and takes about 2mins! !

Gerty1002 Thu 22-May-14 10:02:28

Flash spray with bleach for a proper clean, but a quick rinse and spritz the screen with a daily no rinse shower spray after every use

gaggiagirl Sun 25-May-14 08:39:17

Steam cleaner sounds very appealing. Im tempted.

car I also call it clit bang! Great minds!

bumbumsmummy Sun 25-May-14 08:46:30

I'm another for method brilliant stuff

whereisthewitch Sun 25-May-14 10:12:43

You will not regret a steam cleaner believe me in fact I wonder why it took us so long to get one!

DocDaneeka Sun 25-May-14 10:37:56

Does a steam cleaner get rid of the black grease round the edge of the bath from people using bath oil?

Bane of my cleaning is that stuff. I've tried chill it bang, Cif mousse, bleach and neat fairy liquid at various times.

whereisthewitch Sun 25-May-14 10:52:08

Yes! And all the stains on the grout. Ive done the grout between my floor tiles too and it has come up amazing.

mrsmopps Sun 25-May-14 16:55:37

We dry the tiles, bath and shower screen after every shower (have got a small squeegee and then dry with towel).
For the tub I use either bar keepers friend or cif bathroom foam but usually only if we have had a bath which isn't often.
Every so often I use the steam cleaner which is great for getting in all the nooks and crannies.

have just discovered e cloths as well which are fab.

erin99 Sun 25-May-14 23:12:56

You can get daily shower mister spray that you, erm, spray on daily to keep the shower screen from getting mucky. The Method one is nice. Here, we all squeegy the screen after every shower (takes 10 secs) and hardly ever have to bother cleaning it properly!

For the bath I like cream cleanser. Nothing else comes close, it's the only thing that gets it properly sparkling clean.

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