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Please talk to me about a scooba....

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4littleones Thu 22-May-14 15:53:04


4littleones Wed 21-May-14 22:03:13

Hi. I am looking into getting a Scooba. We have a roomba and love it.

I would love to hear from anybody who has one, and what model they have. We certainly can't afford a new one, so we are looking at our options with ebay etc. But worried if the older models are going to be any good.

Main questions are:
How loud is it? Ie could I use it at night?
How wet does it leave the floor?
Does it do the job properly? I would want to be able to never mop (except maybe odd spills) to be able to justify having it.

Also, do you really need to buy the scooba solution for it? Or could I get away with using some Zoroflora or Dettol etc?

Thank you! grin

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