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If you had two weeks without your children, what would you do in your house?

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SoGladToHaveFoundThis Wed 21-May-14 14:38:42


I am on my own for the next two weeks and want to declutter the house. Any ideas? What would you do?

MrsTaraPlumbing Wed 21-May-14 15:47:28

I was thinking more like have sex in every room!
Enjoy the quiet
Stay up late drinking wine.

elportodelgato Wed 21-May-14 15:52:13

Having just done a pretty thorough spring clean indoors, I would probably attempt to sort out the loft and the garden

Lanabelle Wed 21-May-14 15:53:28

I wouldn't be decluttering the house anyway. Two weeks child free and I'm cleaning?? I'd be sectioned if I was caught. I'd be off out reliving my youth and sleeping late terribly hungover. Might even get some quality time with DH

SoGladToHaveFoundThis Wed 21-May-14 15:53:55

My DP works in NYC atm and that's where the children are off to with their GP.

BitOutOfPractice Wed 21-May-14 15:54:07

I wouldn't be cleaning that's for certain!

chemenger Wed 21-May-14 15:54:40

Sleep, eat chocolate without sharing, watch unsuitable TV. Cook meals with more than three ingredients without having to think about who can't eat what.

restandpeace Wed 21-May-14 15:54:53

Oh not any house jobs...

restandpeace Wed 21-May-14 15:55:19

Op, you could still have sex in every roon wink

jamaisjedors Wed 21-May-14 15:55:57

Oh I would be painting I think. You would get so much more done because you wouldn't have to clear up in between coats, just put the brush in a plastic bag and leave everything as it is.

SoGladToHaveFoundThis Wed 21-May-14 16:03:09

We had the whole house decorated when we moved in two years ago, so no need. I have a cleaner who comes
for five hours every week, but it's a large house and I feel I am not as organised as I should be. Was wondering what all those domestic goddesses do when they have the time. grin

jamaisjedors Wed 21-May-14 16:08:20

Wow, then just go shopping!

Or if you really want a project, make some cushions or something?

Actually, one thing you really can't do is shop when you have kids so I would do that, go to places like IKEA and spend all day browsing for ideas or also go and get myself some new clothes and take them time to visit all the shops twice!

I think you are right to have a plan, I have occasional days without the DC and if I'm not careful end up spending all day and night on mn and pinterest/houzz etc.

lucyintheskywithdinos Wed 21-May-14 16:12:33

I would have a mega shopping and lunch and cinema trip with my sister.

A film and cocktails evening with my friends.

Lie in a tree reading for hours and hours.

Go on a pub crawl and actually have a lie in afterwards!

I would eat a lot of nachos with lots of jalepenos, watch a lot of TV.

I might consider tidying up a bit before they got home hmm

SoGladToHaveFoundThis Wed 21-May-14 16:14:37

Love your ideas but it would totally screw my low carb diet. grin

Yes, that exactly what I don't want to do. Spend two weeks at home doing absolutely nothing. I will however fly a couple of days to Germany to visit friends.

TerribleDilemmadilemmadilemma Wed 21-May-14 16:18:53

I'd declutter clothes and toys. Go through wardrobes and drawers and get rid of anything you never wear/ doesn't fit. Then cull the toys. I do this on a smaller scale when I have a child free day and having less stuff just makes everything easier to maintain. And they Never miss what I get rid of! If I hadn't just done it, I'd paint the fences and shed too. You can get some really gorgeous colours, mine is all light blue!

Doyouthinktheysaurus Wed 21-May-14 16:36:13

I would abandon all cleaning! With only one person in the house, it won't get dirty anywaygrin

I would go for long walks and do some running, have a day in London shopping.

Then I'd book a B and B somewhere and go off on my own for a few days.

I'd start a new crochet project and maybe get my sewing machine out too.

I would structure my days and do things, but mentally fulfilling things, not cleaning!

proseccoco Wed 21-May-14 16:38:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mychildrenarebarmy Wed 21-May-14 16:43:04

A few years ago when children were on holiday at my parent's and husband couldn't get time off I de-cluttered. I did it one room at a time and went through EVERYTHING. All cupboards, boxes, draws, under/behind/on things were completely cleared and sorted into keep/bin/charity/sell. Once the room was completely empty I cleaned it then put back the keep stuff. I then got rid of the rest before I moved on to the next room. I did end up finishing a couple of days before children were home so I had two days in the cleanest house I have ever had (before or since). It really needs doing again. sad

4littleones Wed 21-May-14 16:47:35

I would go through the house room by room and declutter and spring clean. so much easier when you have child free time. Especially the kids rooms. I would start with the kids rooms actually so that the toys etc were definitely gone by the time they got back.

I would also make sure I have a bit of freedom though - maybe spending the evenings going out for dinner and visiting friends etc without the worry of babysitters and getting home at certain times. smile

OldBeanbagz Wed 21-May-14 16:59:16

Well if my DH and kids weren't here i'd...

Declutter the whole house (including the cellar)
Sort out my digital photos
Make a start on the garden which is a blank canvas at the moment
Go for a bike ride, run or swim every day
Batch cooking/baking for the freezer

And most importantly - have a lie in!

crazykat Wed 21-May-14 17:18:37

I'd go through the bed rooms and sort all toys/books/clothes etc and get chick/charity shop/sell anything that was broken/didn't get used/too small. I'd do the same with the living room getting rid of toys that were broken or not used.

Finances permitting I'd re-decorate bedrooms and bathroom and get new carpets fitted in the bedrooms and in the stairs.

dramajustfollowsme Wed 21-May-14 18:57:32

I'd go through all wardrobes, cupboards and drawers. Get rid/sort stuff out.
Then move onto the garage.
However, I'd make sure I did some nice things too. Go for a massage, get my hair done, a pedicure.
Go shopping, even window shopping. Go to a coffee shop with a book and buy a big slice of cake - you will work off the calories when clearing the house! wink
I'd really like to do that here - nesting is taking over but I'm on bed rest so can't do any of it. It is driving me mad!!!

OverAndAbove Wed 21-May-14 19:03:58

I would mix it up and do a bit of everything. You'll be bake to listen to the radio or iPod whilst cleaning and also be under no pressure to tidy if you feel like stopping for a while. I would love that!

jamaisjedors Wed 21-May-14 21:07:07

Yes, book something nice to do every other day (even it's just a peaceful walk around a bookshop) and then you will be more productive on the days you are at home.

Or give yourself a half-day target and then go and do something else.

Maybe walk around the house and look at each room and think of things that need doing - ie new lamp or light fitting, office supplies sorting out, etc.

You will have headspace to do this and look at your house with a fresh eye and then can also go online or to the shops and browse for what you want/need.

Gerty1002 Thu 22-May-14 11:43:53

Declutter all drawers/wardrobes on day one and two. Sleep for the next 12.

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