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Dreaded mould in washing machine

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Notcontent Mon 12-May-14 14:01:05

I have been ignoring the mould growing on the rubber seal but the smell meant I could ignore it no longer... I attacked it with bleach and dettol mould remover. I then ran the machine on a 90 degree cycle. It's better but the mould has not disappeared completely. Do you think it will take a few goes?

PigletJohn Mon 12-May-14 14:17:20

did you also rub it with a sponge?

mould remover will kill the black mould, and once it is dead, it cleans away easier.

I expect you know about washing away any residue of soap sludge from inside the machine using washing soda crystals and a hot hot hot wash. If the water foams up and goes grey, that's the old sludge dissolving. Do it again until it stays clean. Do not mix cleaning agents as they may neutralise each other.

Leave the door and the soap drawer slightly open to air and dry when not in use.

Notcontent Mon 12-May-14 14:19:39

I did rub it and the remains are a greyish colour so assume that means I have killed it for now...

Will buy some soda crystals! Thanks.

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