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I feel like a failure......

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beatie Mon 28-Aug-06 22:46:47

..... I don't seem to be able to get food stains out of my children's clothes. What am I doing wrong?

HyacinthB Mon 28-Aug-06 22:47:32

What type of food stains? Some just won't budge

foundintranslation Mon 28-Aug-06 22:48:00

No answers, but join the club...

Janbo25 Mon 28-Aug-06 22:48:25

don't worry I to have the same problem, I think some stains are not meant to get out, although after trying every stain remover I now wash clothes with stubborn stains in a biological powder and then rewash in non bio for my ds's sking and it does seem to work?

nearlythree Mon 28-Aug-06 22:48:48

Don't think that makes you a failure, sweetheart. It makes you a parent of children! Some things are far more important than stains.

Has someone said something?

suejonez Mon 28-Aug-06 22:48:58

wrap them in cling film (the children) before they eat. Head to toe.

colditz Mon 28-Aug-06 22:49:28

You are feeding them food that stains, that is all you are doing wrong! would you want to be one of those mothers who says, "No, you can't have chocolate while you have that top on" or who put bibs on their 6 year old?

BrookeandTaylorsmummy Mon 28-Aug-06 22:50:26

I wash them using a vanish oxi stain remover in the wash then when I am drying them I put them in the sun to dry, naturally bleaches out the stains, when there is no sun my dcs where darker non stain showing clothes or eat pale food!

BrookeandTaylorsmummy Mon 28-Aug-06 22:51:36

Only joking of course about the pale food!

SherlockLGJ Mon 28-Aug-06 22:55:06

I sincerely hope the OP was tongue in will have a lot more to make you feel bad as you move forward.

If it wasn't to quote my DS, build a bridge and get over it.

Flossam Mon 28-Aug-06 22:57:06

I find just not feeding DS is an excellent stain prevention method.

NotAnOtter Mon 28-Aug-06 23:01:40

what powder do you use?

beatie Mon 28-Aug-06 23:06:38

I was all for children getting dirty and not having to worry about messing up their clothes but recently threw a paddy becuase DH let our 3yo have chocolate ice-cream whilst wearing a favourite dress and a white cardigan. Stains galore. I've tried soaking in cold water and rubbing on stain remover but I just know the stains will get washed in.

I use biological liquid now - and a spray on stain remover. I'm ending up throwing away clothes.

fistfullofnappies Mon 28-Aug-06 23:06:43

Expensive powders really are better at getting stains out, and you sometimes get better results after 2 or 3 washes.

An even better method is to start ignoring them

beatie Mon 28-Aug-06 23:08:21

Oh yes, and the failure comment is meant as tongue in cheek.

fistfullofnappies Mon 28-Aug-06 23:08:45

My children's only white clothes are vests - because noone can see the stains.

beatie Mon 28-Aug-06 23:09:58

Perhaps I need to buy more brown and red clothing.

nearlythree Mon 28-Aug-06 23:12:07

Thank goodness, beatie - I thought some old bat had been on at you!

My kids always have stained clothes. Not always food, usually there's a mix of glue, paint and grass, too. Don't see any pint in getting them clean as they'll only end up looking the same next time they wear them.

fistfullofnappies Mon 28-Aug-06 23:27:24

I have had it with brown clothing for toddlers. My children refused to wear it. I found a very nice pair of brown trousers for dd2 (2 yrs old), showed them to her and she said firmly "ds's trousers, Mummy." Took the hint, and didnt waste my money.

colditz Mon 28-Aug-06 23:34:59

navy blue.

colditz Mon 28-Aug-06 23:35:12

busy patterns

sallystrawberry Mon 28-Aug-06 23:35:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

arfishymeau Tue 29-Aug-06 00:35:16

I soak in vanish oxy-action (I think it's called something different in the UK, but still something oxy-action in the bright pink container). I get most stains out after 3 days. I hate throwing clothes out.

I also buy gap clothes from ebay that I'm happy for DD to completely trash, which I send her to pre-school in. Good quality pre-owned or just on sale clothes that are a good price so it doesn't start me hyperventilating when she comes back covered in oh-so-orange pasta sauce & paint.

fistfullofnappies Tue 29-Aug-06 22:02:00

So thats why the army wears camouflage, its to hide the stains!

lottie91 Thu 20-Sep-07 10:00:30

Brooke and taylors mummy.
Please contact me.



its important

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