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Just seen a mouse in my kitchen ....

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Fontella Thu 08-May-14 00:16:40

.. and I absolutely hate them. Spiders I can pick up no worries, but mice ugh, just the thought of one scuttling along - makes me shudder. I have a real phobia.

I first saw one about four, five months ago, Got up in the night to get a drink and I thought I saw something run across the kitchen floor as I switched on the light. A few days later got up really early, went down, same thing, so I screamed and my son came running down and eventually he confirmed it was definitely a mouse as he saw it go scuttling under a cupboard.

I bought a humane trap, baited it with peanut butter like they said on the instructions and put it down - nothing. Moved it around, different corners, locations - nothing. Then I noticed .. all the peanut butter had gone!! I hadn't set it right or something and the little bleeder had sneaked in, scoffed the peanut butter and done a runner and the trap stayed open.

Baited it again, nothing. Night after night. Pulled out the fridge, cooker, everything, no droppings, no knawings, no signs of anything, no more sightings .... so I thought maybe it had died, or got out or something.

I kept a wary eye out for signs, but nothing. Nothing all this time until just now, months later, went down and caught a glimpse of something shooting up the side of the cooker! Aghhhhh! I've just baited the humane trap again and put it down right by where I saw it.

However, what's really worrying me is I can't just have one mouse can I? They breed like buggery, so what I'm terrified of, is that they've been there all these months laying low and I didn't know, and now I've got a whole colony of them down there? If that's the case I won't be able to sleep at nights, let alone go back in there. They absolutely make my skin crawl just thinking about it.

The only other explanation is that it's getting in and out from the outside somehow - hence me not seeing anything for all these months. My son just said to me on the phone 'you've had the kitchen window open a lot lately because of the nice weather, so maybe it got in there'. I have climber plants on trellis outside on that wall (front of house/kitchen) and a hedge that goes right up the window ledge, and a few years back I did actually see one go scuttling along the window sill when I had the window open one day, and I had to go and get my neighbour to get it out.

So what I'm asking is ... is it possible just to have one lone mouse living in your kitchen, or should I resign myself to the fact that there's probably loads of them behind the appliances, units etc. Or, is it possible that I have an occasional visitor who comes in and out via the window or some other opening - My kitchen sink, washing machine etc. back onto that front wall where the window is and where the hedge and trellis climbers are, so there may be some way in through the wall, pipework, or something, I dunno. I have no experience of this. I've lived in this house 14 years, and apart from the one on the window sill that time, I've had no problems with mice.

If anyone has experience of this please help. Trying not to be over dramatic but I really do hate the little **ers. I'm not scared of much, but mice/rates ugh.

ajandjjmum Thu 08-May-14 00:28:46

Several years ago I went into our en-suite in the night, turned on the light, and there was a mouse on the windowsill. I always leave the window open, and there is a clematis growing up the wall.

I don't know who was more surprised, me or the mouse!

Fortunately I'm not scared of them, although I did shut the window that night. I have had the window open ever since though, and have never seen one again.

And I know I didn't imagine it, because it pooed itself in fright!! grin

So don't worry - maybe it will just pay a very occasional visit, and you'll not see it again.

zippy539 Thu 08-May-14 00:39:31

No great advice Fontella - but totally, totally with you. I've got 'a' mouse in the kitchen at the moment too - and I've got to believe it's just the one or I'll have to move out and I've nowhere else to go! One thing we did get was one (actually FOUR) of those plug in things that are supposed to scare them off. I don't know if they actually work but we didn't have a mouse for three years which is pretty unheard of in an Edinburgh tenement flat. Then the plug in in the kitchen broke and two weeks later - voila, a mouse! I also read that they HATE peppermint oil - you put some on a bit of cotton wool and put it down in the area you think they are coming in and they stay away. Might be worth a try?

Fontella Thu 08-May-14 01:01:50

Oh wow, thank you so much for the replies.

I'm sat here in bed, quivering, thinking what the hell is downstairs and imagining I can hear little feet scuttling along?

Ajandjjmum - you've cheered me up with that. I'm hoping that's where my mouse visitor is coming from, climbing up the not a clematis but similar, and in the window. I have had the window open a lot this past week, so I'm praying it's that.

And zippy I hadn't heard of those plug in things, nor the peppermint oil so will be trying both of those.

The trap is down there now right by where I saw it shoot up the side of the cooker, so I'm hoping I can catch it. Mind you, I won't be able to go near it if I do. The son will have to sort that out.

Thanks so much - I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

poppysqueak Thu 08-May-14 22:19:27

We have regular mouse, shrew, voley type visitors courtesy of our cats.
Try the fresh air trick - leave the kitchen/back door wide open, close internal doors and leave for a while. They are usually desperate to escape and the fresh air/open door works nearly every time.

Fontella Fri 09-May-14 13:49:55

Unfortunately my kitchen is at the front of the house and it doesn't have a door that opens to the outside. I could leave the front door of the house wide open I suppose, but it's too far away from the kitchen I think to have any effect.

The mouse did not take the trap and is nowhere to be seen. This is what puzzles me so much - there is no trace of it apart from these occasional glimpses. I put the trap right by where I saw it scuttle up along the side of the cooker, but it hasn't taken the bait.

When I was a kid we lived in the countryside had mice in several houses I lived in growing up. They seemed to be a lot more prevalent then. You could hear them scratching about, see droppings and evidence of them. They were a lot more brazen too. We had a row of cupboards against a wall in one house I lived in and you could open it up and see all these little field mice running around. We kept cats and they usually sorted them out. Only one time did my parents have to call someone in. Maybe this is where my fear of mice comes from - never thought about it before. All I know is that I absolutely hate the little bleeders, just the thought of them being down there gives me the shivers.

But with this one there's not a trace of anything, which makes me think it is somehow getting in and out - either via the open window, maybe under the sink or through the washing machine pipes to the outside wall or something? Trouble is I'm too bloody scared to get under there and look.

If it's just the one ... that's not so bad, but my fear is there's a whole community of them down there breeding away behind my appliances and units. I've never heard of just a lone mouse living in someone's house? Is that possible? They breed like hell - and that's what's worrying me most.

I'm going to have to get my (teenage) kids to help me pull everything out and have a good 'inspection' down there. If worst comes to worst I will call someone out.

mistymeanour Fri 09-May-14 22:33:07

You need more than one trap to get rid of mice. The advantage of calling out the pest controller is that they lay down lots of boxes of poison on probable runs. They advise on little holes you need to seal up and come and remove all the carnage. The downside is the price (unless your council still provide it).

Anywhere you can fit a pencil/pen that is a gap or hole they can come in by.
Also, with humane traps you need to transport the mouse a long way away or they will just make a beeline back to base.

If there has been any building or drainage works nearby recently they have probably come from that.

I loathe the buggers too. My aunt actually sold up her "dream" house as it was built over a big mains drain (that was poorly maintained) and she was totally infested despite the pest controllers best attempts. Thre were often up to 6 dead daily under her sofa and they had the run of the entire house. I could never stay there thinking they would come in the bed!

canutesauntie Fri 09-May-14 22:42:35

Yes, more than one trap and the humane ones don't work. Get the old fashioned "little nipper" ones and place them at right angles to the walls as the mouse run is usually along the edge of the wall and will run across the trap. They have always worked for me (not many instances recently thank goodness) either that or my late lamented very fast terrier!

ThatBloodyWoman Fri 09-May-14 22:50:32

It will run away from you so that's something to make you feel better.

No way of knowing if it's a resident or visitor, alone or in company really.

If it helps, I suspect we have been living alongside not just a family of mice but possibly even into the next generation they've been here so long .

I won't use poison or spring traps,and certainly not those evil glue traps, so it's either death by cat or dog, or the occasional half hearted attempt with a humane trap.

gamerchick Fri 09-May-14 22:53:30

Go to b&q tomorrow and buy 6 snap traps.. pin a bit of snickers to each one and set them in the kitchen. Don't muck about with humane traps when you have to put them in the freezer to kill them off.. short and quick, snap the backs and you're done.

Those things are pissing everywhere and they chew through things.. just bite the bullet.

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