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Getting Organised for Holidays - Hints & tips please!

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PolkadotRosa Mon 05-May-14 09:51:48

As a long term last minute packer, and generally disorganised chief holiday sorter-outer, I want help to change! Going to Ibiza for a week in August with DH and kiddos aged 1 and 4.
Help me to be organised, together and a picture of serenity at the airport;)

How do you organised Mums do it? What are your lists like? What do you all know/do that I don't?
I want to be packed in plenty time, without last minute washing and ironing, taking the right amount of clothes and leaving behind a tidy home, that's not strewn with coathangers and ripped off labels etc, and to be excited on route to the airport not shattered and stressed! Help!

WeeClype Tue 06-May-14 16:01:27

I'm going away in June and I've got a notepad with a list for each child (I have 4), if it's already something I have I tick it off, if it can be packed away then I score it off and pack away. It just means I can take a glance at it and see what I still need to buy if I'm heading in town.

I usually have a hand luggage for each child but this year I'm doing a bag for document's and expensive gadgets, one for games/books etc, one for food (it's a 9 hour flight) and one with nappies, wipes, change of clothes etc

I give the house a good tidy the day before and lay out the clothes for the next day so if it's a early morning flight then it's just a case of getting up and putting clothes on then heading out the door.

WeeClype Tue 06-May-14 16:03:05

I've also still to master the art of taking the right amount of clothes.

hwhite6 Tue 06-May-14 20:08:42

The list of things that go in each suitcase, stays in that case, so I can tick it all a second time to make sure everything comes home again too!

SlatternMissesherGrumpyCat Tue 06-May-14 21:00:02

Check your passport and E-111 thing is still valid now. Also check if you need travel insurance.

A few weeks before the holiday and if you have the space, get a suitcase out and as you wash and iron things you might need put them in the suitcase rather than hang them back up. This stops people DH wearing clothes that you thought were holiday ready. When you are ready to do your chemist shop, sun tan lotion etc, put them in the suitcase too. Then when you are ready to pack properly you will find most of the things there already.

I advise the entire family that anything they want to take away must not, on pain of death, be worn the week/10 days before leaving. If they do I am not responsible as to whether the item can be turned around clean in time for the holiday.

I find list making soothing and when I'm watching TV will quite happily list away. I also have in the past lost wonderful lists and so now keep a list notebook. There is no point having the world's best list if you can't find the damn thing, (voice of bitter experience).

Each child is allocated a bag/rucksack and they can take whatever toys they want as long as they fit in the bag, and no DS, that doesn't include you guitar just because you managed to squeeze a bit of it in with the rest sticking out.

betold Wed 07-May-14 17:23:43

I've just started my packing list for our August holiday that we've not even booked yet!

Example for DD:
2 days traveling - what comfy clothes she will wear
6 days of holiday - list of 6 outfits she will take
7 evenings - list of 7 outfits suitable for a meal out
What shoes she will need to take, how many swimming costumes, hats, jackets etc.

It's highlighted in different colours to indicate what we already have, what is on order already and what I need to buy.

Have a list for each child and me, plus other lists for toiletries, electronics/chargers, paperwork, books, toys, buggy, travel cot, bedding...

I do my list in excel so when I think of something whilst I'm at work I just add it on, and I can print out to take home and write on it.

If I didn't do this I would run around at the last min panicking and would forget everything!

poocatcherchampion Wed 07-May-14 17:53:19

yes agree with slattern. I started putting things in a spare room about a month before we went. including some favourite toys so they would be fresh when we got there. I got the babies to try on clothes during a period of a few weeks and if they were too summery for April here they went straight into the room. and I filled in the gaps of crocs, sunhats etc a few weeks before.

on the days before I piled up clothes for each person and then reduced each by a bit - 4 sleep suits to 3 for the baby, 3-2 pjs . each child had 2 shorts, 3 dresses a couple of those all in one type things. they still had unworn clothes on return.

and then I added some random last minute crap into the hand luggage

rollonthesummer Wed 07-May-14 21:55:22

Agree with the bother posters-make lists and start putting things in cases early!

rollonthesummer Wed 07-May-14 21:55:43

Other, not bother!

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