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It's the clutter shouting "Mayday" as the Fledglings spring into action

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GoingGoingGoth Wed 30-Apr-14 22:12:44

Copying last month's thread.

So for those who don't know the fledglings is a long running thread. Some of us seem clicky but that is because we have been chatting on these threads for nearly half a decade makes everyone feel old we quite like fresh blood though so feel free to jump in and join us.

Three key points to keep in mind:
(1)No perfectionism allowed - this is harder than you would imagine
(2)You are never behind just start where you are and anything you do is progress.
(3) It didn't get into a mess overnight, it won't get tidy over night - accept it will take time to get on top of things and you will be happier.

If you are new then trying to spend 15mins decluttering and the babysteps.

Some of us <cough> Bitchy <cough> can have scary looking lists. One word of advice ignore them. Do what you can, anything is better then nothing, and don't judge yourself against others, we won't be judging you.

GoingGoingGoth Sat 31-May-14 21:28:10

Engels that looks lovely. Now heading off to new thread

CarpeJugulum Sat 31-May-14 20:17:04

See those pictures are why we need a "Like" button!

Engels get thyself to Spotify; I've just started it (it's now free for mobiles/tablets!) and it's so good for playlists. I have upbeat, get me through work, calming; oh, and "irritate people" grin

CallingAllEngels Sat 31-May-14 19:45:48

And because I know you lot will appreciate it, here is the alpine rock garden I made last weekend...

CallingAllEngels Sat 31-May-14 19:43:41

carpe sounds like a lovely day - you deserve it after the shit few weeks you've had.

sage advice from your DH swan - I often feel the same. I love love listening to music when driving and running, but can I get my act together to sort my iPod out? still playing music from my uni days so a little out of date

toffee , swan , sc (and probably everyone else!) I would love to pay someone to do things, but DH would not hand over good money to someone to do something he can do himself. Except he doesn't do it himself and if I remind him or ask him more than once to d something then I'm nagging. Some things have literally taken years to get done.

Such as the job finished today! Area cleared, flattened, grass laid in the last 2 weeks. Today DH built the tower and slide we got over a year ago from BIL/SIL that has been taking up space in the garage. It looks fabulous and DS loves it!

Ta da
3 lots of washing done - 2 dried outside and the jeans are just hanging inside now so no need for td though this does mean I have a stack of ironing to do now
Washing up
Weeded front garden
Phoned DGM (90 today!) and Dsis
Online banking - paying off debts!
Online shopping - skincare order for me, BurtsBees sets for DM/Dsis and friends later in year, and have a basket full at the Book people for Birthday/Christmas presents this year blush
Toy shop - managed to pick up presents for all DC of friends who have birthdays in the next month and one or two who I missed last month

DS now in bed and DH and I continuing our James Bond marathon (They're showing all the Bond films in the order they were filmed - we're on For your Eyes only atm!) and just about to pour myself a glass of non-alcoholic wine and get some cheese nibbles out <yum> .

Fx DH is taking DS to ILs caravan tomorrow so I can stay home and get my mountain of marking done. See you all on the new thread (and apologies for short personals - haven't read back past this page!).

CarpeJugulum Sat 31-May-14 17:11:05

Last post on the old thread.

Today has been lovely. I got a long lie, then we went out for lunch to a cafe on a fruit farm that does lovely home cooking; and I may have a piece of millionaires shortbread cheesecake for dessert for tonight too grin

Then a nice walk on the beach with DH, DS and DMIL - think I have a touch of sun smile

Finally home where I cut the grass and am now feeding DS a picnic tea or a CBA tea before bath and bed; and a bottle of wine sitting breathing for after that.

On the other hand, flying has been non-existant! shock blush

Right see you all in June where Bitchy can give us the goss so I can live vicariously wink

thanks to Goth for running the thread.

ToffeeWhirl Sat 31-May-14 16:01:21

Just posted on new thread, forgetting we still have a day left on this one.

Re: crumbling houses. I wish we could pay someone to just come round a sort it all out without us having to do anything except hand over some cash.

We would need some cash first though <sigh>.

slackcabbage Sat 31-May-14 14:09:42

btw, all whingy posts make thread running a pleasure too!!!

slackcabbage Sat 31-May-14 14:00:11

Hello, hope everyone OK!

Just dashing through in a flurry of shoe polishing and school uniform prior to Confirmation Mass and was taking 5 mins out to start setting up June thread and because I was rushing it appears I have posted it instead of previewed it as intended!! So here it is:


June thread here!!


Anyway, as a result of all the rushing, opening post is much too long and rambly and I forgot to send Goth flowers for being such a terrific thread leader throughout May. So here they are now: thanks thanks thanks

Mercury that's terrific that the system is working so well for you! It's posts like yours that make thread running a great pleasure!! And it's a testament to your consistent hard slog too thanks

Toffee Huge thanks for volunteering to run thread in July! flowers

Swan/Toffee huge sympathies re: crumbling houses and lack of resources to fix! Can you believe that we still have bits of cardboard in the lower part of the bathroom windows because the blinds aren't long enough???? blush Rest of list too long to mention: uncarpeted stairs, holes in unplastered walls, floorboards missing, bits crumbling and falling off etc etc

Whoknows v. impressed with your clever strategy to combat fussy eating!

Blue Good luck with visit of in-laws

Whey hey Bitchy! grin

Must dash! Back on new thread much later!! Big feathery waves to eveyrone else!

ToffeeWhirl Sat 31-May-14 13:14:13

Glad whatever you've been up to has improved your mood, Bitchy grin. It's easy to forget about yourself in the midst of life's 'stuff'.

That's good advice from your DH, Swan. But sorry to hear that domestic life is challenging at the moment. I despair at things breaking in our house. We never seem to have the money or the right handyman at hand to mend it, with the result that we live in a house where blinds need to be rolled up by hand, bits of the kitchen floor have broken off, the boiler still needs repairing and the loo seat is skew whiff. Neither DH nor I are in the slightest bit practical, so we just put up with it all, much to my mother's despair whenever she visits.

Am making progress with my OU essay. Am working in bed with a stack of books and a hot-water bottle. DH and DS2 being out of the house helps.

BitchyVstheUFOs Sat 31-May-14 12:40:40

No idea toffee but it has been nice to just be and not have to worry about any of the stuff that has been driving me mad recently. Improved my mood no end grin

Today's play is to get ds' room sorted. I have an hour and half before i have to decide if I am off out or not. I want to go but I have not got a lot of stuff done this week so probably get that stuff sorted.

<passes Swan strong coffee and sneaks her a hug>

Swanhildapirouetting Sat 31-May-14 12:14:04

also rang roofer yesterday about leaking chimney breasts and chimneys that need removing, scaffolding etc (big project clearly)
dh gave me some good advice about my patchwork stash, and whether to give it one last chance - when I confessed my feelings of despair about all the clutter that was uselessly being preserved but I was getting no time to actually use becauce I was surrounded by mess ( philosphical catch 22 of clutter - it stops you being creative)

dh also encouraged me to do more things I enjoy, like swimming and reading. Am now really enjoying Game of Thrones. I'd forgotten how much I loved things like swords and scorcery.

Swanhildapirouetting Sat 31-May-14 12:08:32

well, everything would be fine, except that

The hot water has broken again (although we now have the immersion as our backup)
a loo seat has broken off at the hinges [gulp] due to acid erosion
ds2 had a complete screaming fit about the Ecuador Match on Wednesday and whether he could stay up late or not. Resolved by compromise.

Dd on a more positive note woke up early by herself, and met a friend and together they went for a run in the park first thing. Wow, I am impressed. However I still think this a ruse for her to get me to buy her trendy sportswear hmm
then she cooked us an Irish breakfast herself, including brown sauce.

Dh and I cannot get dressed until the water is hot so we are mooching around irritably in between cursing ds2's geography homework, about how to solve the drought crisis in Ethiopia. Yes, I'm sure we have the answer to that hmm[hmmhmm angry

Hanging over me is the First Communion practice, which I really do need to get dressed respectably for. And no idea what is for lunch. grr grr and triple grr.

ToffeeWhirl Sat 31-May-14 10:19:22

Bitchy - hmm, is there romance in the air? <suspicious>

DH has taken DS2 to his mum's and gone to work himself, leaving me free to work on my OU essay. So I'm not going to waste time on Mumsnet...


BitchyVstheUFOs Sat 31-May-14 04:32:16

<coughs> bitchy has just walked in after a rather nice evening out. And needs to sort out her sleeping as ds gets back sunday from his trip for his half term hols. blushgrin

GoingGoingGoth Sat 31-May-14 00:17:50


Ok so it's almost June!

Alice had a plan manifesto for the next few months grin Don't worry about the thread leading, you'll be up to it when you're ready.

Bitchy should be in bed by now grin as should I

Swan is balancing the DCs at half term.

Carpe has a bronchitis, you need to get it sorted. Sounds like the stress is really getting you down.

Toffee has a bad headache, and had an appointment which luckily DS didn't have to attend. And has volunteered to run the thread in July, thank you. Good luck with the OU work this weekend.

WhoKnows has been bowling, a nice end to a stressful week.

Bitchy has to have her tetanus booster,

SC is running the thread in June, but may not be able to start it until the 1st.
I can always do the links for an extra night tomorrow.

Blue is getting ready for family arriving on Sunday.

Mercury feels that the Flying is making a difference-brilliant

And finally, where has the day gone?! Off to bed as got a busy day tomorrow, hopefully heading off for a few hours at the market garden. At least dinner will be easy, we always have pizza on a Saturday.

ToffeeWhirl Sat 31-May-14 00:05:35

Glad one of us here is following the babysteps and routines, Mercury and not just dropping in to chat blush. Well done.

MercuryRising Fri 30-May-14 23:22:27

Im off to bed but just wanted to share a breakthrough. My dc had dinner at friends this evening and when their mum (who I only know to say hello to) knocked to bring them back I was able to invite her in for a drink as my house was actually not dirty or untidy!! grin grin Flylady is beginning to make a real difference! I will be back tomorrow to catch up with the thread and post properly. Night all.

ToffeeWhirl Fri 30-May-14 23:07:56

WhoKnows - that is very thoughtful of your DD to let her brother win. I often think that DS2 has an instinctive understanding, and acceptance of, his big brother's difficulties - more than anyone else, I think, including us. He's never known or expected anything different from DS1, whereas we had expectations which we've had to modify over the years.

SC - yes, headache has cleared, thanks.

Blue - I like visitors like that, but I do appreciate the effect on my house of the more critical type, even if I resent it at the time.

Thanks for the links, Goth.

My priority this week is not family fun, but completing an OU assignment for a deadline on Monday.

BlueEyeshadow Fri 30-May-14 22:57:29

Thanks for taking on June, SC, and to Goth for this month too.

Wholeheartedly concur with your sentiments on the matter of Gove, Goth, and holding him personally responsible for all stress-related ailments in this house!

Sorry to hear things are tough, Carpe and do take care of yourself.

Our boys can be very sweet and affectionate to each other too, when they're not gouging lumps out of each other!

Ended up with a frustratingly quiet day workwise - finished and sent off all the stuff I have at the moment and the rest hasn't arrived yet, so it'll be more stressful once it finally does. Decided to make the best of it, and did manage some gardening and cooking as well as taking a jaunt into town just to get out of the house.

Will have to do some flying tomorrow as have various of DH's family descending on us on Sunday. Not full-on panic mode, though, as they're the least likely contingent to notice or comment. smile

GoingGoingGoth Fri 30-May-14 21:31:49

Links for Saturday 31st May

Babystep 31 is not to get overwhelmed with the Flylady system. It takes time to get into the routines and things will get easier as you reduce your clutter.

Saturday is Family Fun Day

NO MISSIONS as it's the weekend!

BBL with the round up, just off to do the ironing first

That's lovely Toffee. I'm starting to get a bit of that too, my mum said to me last night that they had been playing card games at her house and DD was trying to let DS win as she knows he finds losing games very hard. Then it was the other way round today, we went 10-pin bowling and DS and I wanted DD to stop using the ramp now and DS was very kind and encouraging of her efforts to bowl properly. They seem to have come out of their recent phase of non-stop arguing for the time being.

Just got back from half an hour on the allotment. Some of the other plots are looking amazing, it's quite inspiring if a bit daunting. Pissed off because something has nibbled all my radishes down to the ground.

Before that took the DCs to do the weekly shop. They were instructed to buy one fish item each, one new veg each and one new fruit each as part of my combatting fussy eating strategy, so after that they were allowed to buy one piece of World Cup tat each and I bought some bunting. It remains to be seen whether they will actually eat any of the new stuff, definitely babysteps with this one.

As for Flying, cleaned the bathroom (superficially), ran the vac round downstairs, that was about it.

SC - thank you for offering to take over. Can't believe it's nearly June, we've had the heating on again this week.

ToffeeWhirl Fri 30-May-14 19:01:54

Oh, thanks for doing June, SC. Have just discovered that I'll be going to my Mum's in July instead, so June would still have been in the midst of family chaos/madness. Am quite relieved to hear I don't need to add thread running to that mix.

Am happy to run the thread in July though.

Carpe - how awful that the stress of your job is causing such extreme physical symptoms. Crossing my fingers you get that new job. Make sure you look after yourself, as bronchitis is horrible.

The visit from the home educator and her son went really well. She was lovely and her son and DS2 played really happily together. DS1 found it trickier, but did manage to come down and spend a little time with them. DS2 told me he "did really well, actually", which was a touching recognition that he 'gets' DS1's problems.

GoingGoingGoth Fri 30-May-14 17:41:02

Bitchy genius! I'll take popcorn too.

Got the route sorted out this afternoon, just have to make a couple of alterations to the map for the children, then make 20 copies and then stain them.

DD is in a nark and hiding in her bedroom. The quiet is wonderful.

slackcabbage Fri 30-May-14 16:40:47

My hairline at front has definitely thinned out/ receded a bit in the last year!

slackcabbage Fri 30-May-14 16:39:36

Yep, just to confirm, as Goth has said, that I will be back more consistently to run thread in June (can't do July or August as on the road or inundated with visitors for full 8 wks). Very busy tomorrow so don't worry if new thread doesn't get set up until late in to the evening/night ready for 1st on Sun.

And again, to second what Goth says, please do volunteer for July, August, Sept if you have the urge!!

Sorry you are going through such a stressful time Carpe thanks

Hope your headache has cleared Toffee (and thanks for volunteering for thread-running when you have such a lot on your plate. Maybe later in the year???)

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