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Done to DEATH I know! Steam Mop Recommendations Please!

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SomeLikeItChilliHot Tue 29-Apr-14 17:29:27

About to move home, need to clean old house and new house. Was thinking of purchasing a steam mop. I have read through all the old mn threads about steam mops. The top ones are:

I think this morphy richards one
I think this Karcher one

Does anyone have any of these, or any other that they absolutely love?Ideally I want it for carpets, tiles, laminate, wood, garments and oven clean grin

TIA thanks

nesstaylor27 Tue 29-Apr-14 20:14:34

i love my morphy richards one this is it$ja=cgid:10847003825|tsid:41370|cid:147342785|lid:53103506345|nw:g|crid:36599836865|rnd:7971141599394855047|dvc:c|adp:1o2

SomeLikeItChilliHot Tue 29-Apr-14 21:34:15

Oo thanks Ness. It's such a minefield all those steam mops with their mixed reviews! How often do you have to refill the tank?

SomeLikeItChilliHot Wed 30-Apr-14 06:34:33

Cam anyone else recommend one?

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