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Non slip doormats?

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wtffgs Tue 29-Apr-14 11:39:14

Hello wise MNers.

I need to get an indoor doormat for my elderly dad who is at high risk of falling. The nurse has just visited and persuaded him to bin the old one which curled up at the edges.

Is there anything which would grip on to the carpet below?


tiredandsadmum Tue 29-Apr-14 11:47:09

I have a very thin non slip one from Lakeland. And a runner mat too. It absorbs wet but can be washed. We have had it for years and it still looks great.

My dad is also prone to falling and I cannot persuade my parents to get these instead of the usual raised ones. They are even the slightly dull colours that my parents like!!

I have mine on tiled floors though, not carpet.

Sandthorn Tue 29-Apr-14 20:29:04

We also have a couple of that sort, tiredandsad, and find them really good. They're low-profile, and the weighty rubber border keeps them from curling up at all. My in-laws have one on carpet. MIL has Parkinson's, so trip hazards are a major problem for her, but this has been working really well for them.

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