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How do I clean Ewan??

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Angielka Mon 28-Apr-14 19:08:17

Not sure if this should be here or under sleep, but here goes...

DD2 [15 months] is addicted to Ewan the dream sheep and would trail it about with her everywhere if she could. This means it is obviously not as white as it used to be, and the label says surface clean only.

So how do I get it looking good as new? please share your wisdom mumsnetters! TIA

e1y1 Mon 28-Apr-14 19:50:22

I have heard that you should be able to put it in a pillow case and put it in the washing machine on a delicates cycle.


Angielka Mon 28-Apr-14 20:57:55

Hmm but the inside bit with the batteries and wires... Forgive me if I'm being really thick, but they don't come out. The buttons in the feet too
<head in hands>

notoneforselfies Mon 28-Apr-14 21:00:11

Might be time to bite the bullet and buy a new one... I know they're pricey but they sell them in boots if you have any advantage points stacked up? Otherwise sponge clean?

BridgeOfWhys Mon 28-Apr-14 21:01:44

There's no way you can put it in machine. It's got batteries. I just scrub mine with Milton wipes.

e1y1 Mon 28-Apr-14 21:04:48

No, Angelica it's me sad I didn't realise it had electrics inside it (didn't know what Ewan sheep was).

If the electrics don't come out, that idea is out of the window.

Maybe you could use some of that carpet cleaning mousse spread it in, wait to dry and then vac it off?

Angielka Tue 29-Apr-14 20:30:06

notoneforselfies I was afraid someone would say that. I suppose one a year is not sooo much but I'll give sponge cleaning a go first maybe. then milton, then carpet claning mousse confused thanks ladies

BellaVida Tue 29-Apr-14 20:34:14

I have sponge cleaned soft toys like these using anti bac washing up liquid. Gets most things off!

SomeLikeItChilliHot Tue 29-Apr-14 22:31:42

Steam clean it?

MsJupiter Wed 30-Apr-14 23:32:36

I was just wondering exactly this yesterday!

Then I hung him back up and tried to forget about his poor matted woolly side.

Orangeisthenewbanana Wed 30-Apr-14 23:35:50

My first thought when I read your thread title was that you were needing volunteers to scrub down Ewan McGregor....

<wanders back out of thread, very disappointed>

ThisFenceIsComfy Wed 30-Apr-14 23:40:16


Could you try and start swapping her to this one? This one looks like it could be machine washed.

Angielka Fri 02-May-14 21:01:38

Sorry orange I can see why you might have been disappointed... wink oh fence she's got one of those... but it's a poor substitute and will not do at bedtime. <sigh>

Jupiter She gave me a cuddle at bedtime tonight and I got a full-on two-nostrils full wave of the matted fur odour. Yuk. I can't put it off any longer...

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