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A search for tins (of the useful kind)

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Eyelet Sun 20-Apr-14 00:42:13

Please help me find some tins.

After being inspired by pintrest and saving my pennies we have a new utility and cloakroom. The utility room has tongue and groove cupboards for the washer dryer and some shelving. The walls are a pale grey/cream with cupboards in a sage satinwood. Doors are waxed with white architrave and skirting. Oak floor.

So on the cream shelves I want a tin with a lid for laundry powder, an open tin for vanish tubs and fabric conditioner and a first aid tin. I can find all these online but not in the same range and its driving me bananas!

Help. Please. wine

whereisshe Sun 20-Apr-14 15:58:40

This looks promising, not sure what you want re the open tin though.

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