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where do you keep your toothbrushes?

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gymboywalton Tue 15-Apr-14 13:43:48

and if you keep them in a container, how often do you clean the container?

gymboywalton Tue 15-Apr-14 13:52:55

i am going to bump this before i go out

Tansie Tue 15-Apr-14 14:23:42

These days, ours are in a plastic mug as modern toothbrushes with their 'ergonomic grip' won't fit into those old fashioned wall-hanging things!

I wash the bottom of the mug out every week or so, but it can be a bit rank sad. Note we don't use that mug to mouth-wash from!

The DSs have a quarter circle glass shelf beside their sink, and they place their brushes so the head faces down off the edge of the shelf. This of course means the shelf gets a wet line on it which also needs a wipe weekly!

NotMrsTumble Tue 15-Apr-14 14:42:16

toothbrushes in a plastic tumbler that gets dishwashered when I remember

electric toothbrush heads are in a hobby box with compartments that dh dishwashers weekly.

AMumInScotland Tue 15-Apr-14 14:45:40

In a container, which I wipe/wash whenever I clean the bathroom. It usually goes in the basin along with the soapdish to get a swirl-and-rinse.

ilovepowerhoop Tue 15-Apr-14 14:49:53

electric toothbrushes all sit at the side of the sink

gymboywalton Tue 15-Apr-14 17:10:09

we keep ours in a purpose made ceramic container and as you said-it gets RANK
i was wondering if i am doing something wrong/missing a trick

BackforGood Tue 15-Apr-14 17:14:18

We have a plastic cup with a lid with holes for the toothbrushes, type thing, and yes, it does get to look grubby quite quickly if I don't remember to clean it regularly

gymboywalton Tue 15-Apr-14 17:36:51

i mean inside the cup-i clean ours out every week but i am going to have start doing it every other day i think[shudder]

Justeat Tue 15-Apr-14 22:03:49

I use disposable plastic cups in the cup holder on the wall, cos I smashed the glass!
Bin the cup when yucky.

PolterGoose Tue 15-Apr-14 22:06:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

starfishmummy Tue 15-Apr-14 22:21:36

Electric ones on their stands. Ordinary ones in a glass I wash once in a while (these brushes are not used much) and ds's brush is wherever he has left it.

4littleones Tue 15-Apr-14 22:55:57

we have electric toothbrushes and they all get put away inside the bathroom cabinet. It does mean I have to clean that more often but I just do it when I'm stuck in the bathroom supervising one of the DC redicously long baths smile
I don't like toothbrushes out on display. I think they should be a bit further away from toilet germs etc. but that's personal preference. smile

gymboywalton Wed 16-Apr-14 11:03:34

ooohhh poltergoose-liking that holder
might try and get hold of one-thank you

PolterGoose Wed 16-Apr-14 11:13:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Germgirl Wed 16-Apr-14 12:13:58

In the cabinet above the sink. I put a folded flannel on the shelf to catch drips. I change that when I remember every week.

Walkacrossthesand Thu 22-May-14 07:05:54

Here's a tip - get some denture cleaning tablets and, every so often, drop one into bottom of toothbrush mug with some water, and leave to soak overnight before washing up/dish washing as normal. Works a treat.

deepinthewoods Thu 22-May-14 07:08:32

In a ceramic pot at the side of the sink. The pot goes in the dishwasher once a week.

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