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Help! Tumble dryer has gone smelly!

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beans37 Fri 04-Apr-14 18:54:02

Any ideas what it might be? It's making my clothes smell all musty and like rotten fruit... It's an essential part of my life as I have 3DCs, including a 6 month old baby who vomits a lot!

All tips gratefully received....

craftysewer Fri 04-Apr-14 22:48:00

Are you sure it is the dryer and not your washing machine? I've just had this problem - left dc's 18 and 20 at home for a week and came back to the most awful smell from clothes in the dryer. Turned out it was actually the washing machine. I did a 90 degree wash with a cup of bleach and a cup of soda crystals (not sure if you're meant to mix them though) but it worked. Part of the problem of washing machines smelling is we use them almost all the time on low temperatures so for some reason they seem to get this problem occurring every few months. Hope this helps. If it is the dryer, have you cleaned the filter? Maybe wipe the inside of the drum with something like Flash?

comicsansisevil Fri 04-Apr-14 22:53:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

beans37 Sat 05-Apr-14 13:46:29

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I found one of my 6 month old's plastic bibs slightly melted on the back of the dryer. once removed, them smell went!!
thank you for your tips though! will have DH cleaning out the filter ASAP!

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