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Have you ever changed a diary part way through the year?

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Eyelet Fri 04-Apr-14 15:19:09

I have quite a busy life like many others, this year I bought a Ktwo diary which has one page for home and one page for work facing each other. Its now April and I STILL can't get used to it!

126sticks Fri 04-Apr-14 20:39:40

Yes I did. Cant quite remember the reason now. I think I bought a cheap one and it was too small to see properly.

It was a right pain to transfer everything over, but I was still glad that I did it.

clara85 Sat 05-Apr-14 10:47:01

im debating this too, i really like the look of the mums office & organised mum family diarys but most are sold out for this year .

I would do it now as it is still early in the year smile

PigletJohn Sun 06-Apr-14 01:09:35

you can get "academic year" ones quite easily, and sometimes half-year ones.

If you look on Fleabay you will find people trying to sell off 2014 diaries for next to nothing.

I like a big desk diary.

PigletJohn Sun 06-Apr-14 02:18:10

very cheap

midnightmoomoo Sun 06-Apr-14 07:37:58

I do this all the time! I flick between my filofax which I don't want to part with even though I don't really get on with it, an academic diary which is really an excuse to go stationary shopping mid year, and various other options!

Our Tesco Home is selling the Mums Office diaries for £3.50 at the moment. I can pick one up and send to you if you'd like?

lougle Sun 06-Apr-14 07:50:30

I really struggled to find a diary that worked for me. The best ever is Google calendar:
-it syncs from computer/home
-I have been able to link it with my DH and my parents.
-I have 4 calendars displayed: mine, DH'S, the children's and 'birthdays/anniversaries' -all a different colour.
-There is a task list function.
-I can edit it whenever I like and it always remains neat.
-I can print a paper version any time I like, with any view I like (day, week, month)
-I can set events to recur daily, weekly, two-weekly, monthly, etc.
-For each event I can set reminders by email or text message or both.
-I can set as many reminders as I want, so could have a reminder one week before, one day before and one hour before.
- It's free!

It really has revolutionised my organisation and removed so much stress.

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