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New house doesn't smell like home.

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cupcake78 Wed 02-Apr-14 03:56:41

Ok my friends and family think im crackers and don't seem to understand.

We moved house last week. It's much bigger, better than our last but I'm struggling.

It doesn't smell right! I have a very strong sense of smell and smells really bother me. I know this sounds mad but the previous owners smoked. The kitchen was the worst but we've washed it all down, removed curtains etc and will be painting it in a matter of days.

The rest of the house just doesn't smell right. It's not mucky, infact it looks quite clean but I don't think its as clean as it could be so I've been cleaning as much as I can. Spraying fabreeze, opening windows, I've started changing the curtains, lighting scented candles etc but it's still not right. I even thought things like pictures on walls etc might help but it's the smell.

How do I get my house to smell like my home. I can't seem to settle until this happens.

centralheatingwillmakeyoufat Wed 02-Apr-14 04:04:21

Try some diffusers, they work really well for spreading a scent and plants are great for cleaning the air.
When I moved house the odd smell faded after a few weeks but we needed new carpets and wallpaper so I think that helped. If you're painting the walls that should get rid of a lot of the musty smell.

sykadelic Wed 02-Apr-14 04:09:45

I washed the walls (swiffer) and they were SO gross (also previous smoker). We had to clean the carpet with a shampooer and we have a wax melter which helps.

Painting the walls did make a big difference.

woodlandwanderwoman Wed 02-Apr-14 04:09:49

Lots of plants too

cupcake78 Wed 02-Apr-14 04:33:32

Plants grin never thought if that.

I don't really like diffusers but maybe I need to try and see if it'll help.

PurpleFrog Wed 02-Apr-14 12:40:04

We moved to our current house 8 years ago. If we go away for a couple of weeks the house doesn't smell right when we get home. My dd has remarked on it as well. Within a day or two everything is back to normal. I never noticed this with the last house we lived in.

Lots and lots of clean air. Check the attics. We found a great roll of manky old carpet.

TexMex Thu 03-Apr-14 21:56:27

I thought I was alone but I'm not! I could have written your post OP. I found a Yankee candle that I burnt a lot in my previous house and have started to burn it here, but it still doesn't smell like home a month later. Guessing it'll take time. Painting will surely help. I'm hoping new carpet will help me when I can afford it.

ThePearShapedToad Thu 03-Apr-14 21:59:37

Do you have a "typical" family smell that is familiar to your home? Ie: favorite cake that you bake, favourite flowers?

If so- pop the carrot/chocolate/banana cake in the oven and buy in some freesias, you just need to live in the house for a bit for it to be more recognisable

NickyNackyNooNoo Thu 03-Apr-14 22:00:01

I agree, every house smells different! Some in a good way & some not wink

Throw open the windows especially on a coldish day, it helps 'neutralise' the smell - it my head it works grin

INeedSomeHelp Thu 03-Apr-14 22:07:53

Ha ha I moved house two weeks ago and said the exact same thing to a colleague who just looked at me like I'm mad. My new house doesn't smell but it just doesn't smell right.
I've had it all painted and it's due to be finished tomorrow. So my plan for the weekend is to get all the windows open and clean using all the products I normally use.
Also going to do some washing and dry some of it indoors so the smell of washing powder and fabric conditioner also wafts about.
I think it does just take time though.

cerealqueen Thu 03-Apr-14 23:36:21

Spider plants actually clean the air, so I have heard.

ThatBloodyWoman Thu 03-Apr-14 23:40:52

When I moved it wasn't just the house but about a 2 mile radius around it that smelt wrong.

I did nothing, as I couldn't, but I must have become accustomed to it as now this is what home smells like.

Sandthorn Sat 05-Apr-14 14:34:05

Starting off with a bloody good clean is essential, and for a cigarette-smoke-infested house, I'd get the carpets professionally cleaned. I'd also wash down the walls and ceilings, windows, doors and woodwork, and all fitted units (including inside cupboards) with a solution of vinegar and ammonia (takes off the tar) followed with good old-fashioned washing-up-liquid. And I'd ventilate the house as much as I possibly could.

Once it's all clean, it'll just take time to absorb the smells you associate with home. Agree with PP that every family home has it's own distinct smell signature: cleaning products and toiletries; plants and cut flowers; cooking smells, good and bad; and animal smells from pets and some humans!

cupcake78 Wed 09-Apr-14 10:53:15

I've been cleaning the kitchen for days now. Half painted. It's getting better but I've just wiped down the outside of the cabinets as I tend to do each week and yuck! Still yellow stuff on it.

If it does this to a whole room imagine what a horrible mess lungs and smelly smokers lungs must be!

MightilyOats Thu 17-Apr-14 10:24:41

Mix a big box of bicarb with a few drops of essential oil and scatter on the carpets, leave for a few hours/overnight and hoover up - this should neutralise some of the carpet-y smells.

Our rented house smelt revolting when I was in early stages of pregnancy, and smelt damp if we'd not been there for a couple of days.

New house smells of dog, but infinitely preferable to the damp!

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