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Organised people - how do you store your wrapping paper, ribbon etc.

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snowgirl1 Tue 01-Apr-14 11:43:52

I seem to have loads of wrapping paper (rolls), gift bags, foil ribbon, satin ribbon and no matter how I seem to organise it, it always ends up a bit of a mess and never easy to find what I need when I'm in a hurry to wrap a present. Does anyone have any good way of organising/storing their wrapping paper??

ilovepowerhoop Tue 01-Apr-14 11:47:39

I have soemthing li;ke this bag

NancyJones Tue 01-Apr-14 11:48:21

I am a very disorganised person but I bought one of those wrapping hold all thingies from (I think) Great Little Trading Company. It's tall so holds about 10 rolls but there are also pockets. Sims are big enough for folded wrapping sheets and the others are great for ribbon, tags, Sellotape and scissors.
As I say, these sorts if things aren't usually my thing but with so many Sch party invitations I needed wrapping to be accessible in a rush on a sat morning. It has def made things a lot easier. I can't link as on phone but have z look at their website.

JustConsideringIt Tue 01-Apr-14 11:49:41

Keep it all together in one cupboard, rather than having it scattered throughout the house. Wrapping paper rolls have a hairbands tied round them to keep them from unravelling. Use your largest gift bag to keep all the bits together. Also store a roll of Sellotape in the bag.

Decide to use up all your wrapping paper/bows, etc before you buy anymore, that way the amount you have to store will decrease

Woodenheart Tue 01-Apr-14 11:50:05

I have this one here

Furball Tue 01-Apr-14 11:53:12

paper - you buy a ikea plastic bag holder

and have it like this

genius idea!

Longdistance Tue 01-Apr-14 11:57:26

I just have them in a giant Xmas gift bag, all tucked in the loft with ribbons in their original boxes.

Poughle Tue 01-Apr-14 12:01:17

I have 5 big hooks on the back ofa closet door. Ribbons, tape, scissors just hang on the hooks. Then I have dowels hanging horizontally at intervals. I just chuck wrapping paper over the dowels (like a towel would go on a rail).

I don't know if you can visualise it from my bad description but if you look at pinterest you will see similar set ups.

I love it and it took me only a few minutes to throw together and was very cheap, the hooks were £5 and the dowels a few pennies. The dowels hang from the hooks by twine.

Onesleeptillwembley Tue 01-Apr-14 12:03:09

A tall bucket in the loft. Rolls can stand, other stuff fits in, and always keep Sellotape, pen and scissors in so they're to hand.

HazeltheMcWitch Tue 01-Apr-14 12:10:17

Ooh, to keep an opened roll from unravelling in the bag or drawer, I slit a loo roll up the side and place it over the roll, like a cuff. Helps to keep it together a bit.

wordfactory Tue 01-Apr-14 12:15:02

I have a huge bureau in the hall and these things are kept in the bottom left hand drawer, together with assorted cards, envelopes and stamps.

snowgirl1 Wed 02-Apr-14 12:29:25

Oh wow, lots of great ideas! Thank you for all the ideas.

Ilovepowerhoop that bag would be ideal for my christmas wrapping paper - I could just pop it in the loft. I think I'll order one of those.

Furball that ikea plastic bag holder idea is very neat. Like that, but also need somewhere to store lots of ribbons, gift bags, tissue paper etc.

Poughle that is inspired - would love to do that if I had a wardrobe door as wide a the wrapping paper. I'd never thought to look on pinterest and that's given me a few ideas - now to decide which I'm going to go for. I've seen some hanging gift wrap organisers which has see-through plastic storage sections and which can be hung inside a wardrobe, so I'm going to see if I can find a UK supplier.

Thank you everyone for all the ideas! Really helpful.

Quinteszilla Wed 02-Apr-14 12:30:54

That one thing I did not know I needed until now, Woodenheart!

Woodenheart Wed 02-Apr-14 18:29:42

I think The Card Factory shop & sells storage bags.

RustyBear Wed 02-Apr-14 18:49:00

I have this box/seat/drawer, which we somehow managed to acquire when MIL downsized from a 4 bed massive house to a 2-bed bungalow - it's not my favourite piece of furniture, but I keep it on the top landing so it's out of the way, and it holds birthday wrapping paper, cards, ribbons etc. The Christmas paper is in one of these boxes, underneath where you can't see it.

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