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Catch a mouse humanely without a trap?

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unlucky83 Thu 27-Mar-14 08:49:32

I need a homemade trap to catch a mouse ... anyone have any ideas?
My stupid cat has done it again ...brought a mouse in and let it go ...
(It did it before in living room -took hours moving stuff around with the back door open before it finally walked out the back door - it had been in a day or so - had made a nest in the bottom of my curtains behind the sofa angry)
This time it is in my office/junk room - which is full of junk - furniture and clutter - mountains of crap...moving stuff around is not something to look forward to...or easy to do
I've seen it - cat staring at a pile of plastic boxes was enough of a clue but I thought it was a bird, locked cat out opened the window and moved boxes - it ran under one of the desks and while I was working out what to do the cat got it - holding it by its tail - and then dropped it and now it has gone under a mountain made up of a leather recliner, two ercol armchairs, plastic tub of files, occasional table, bag of old duvets, electric heater, foot bath, electric heater...and more...and the door option isn't one really - no straight forward exit to outside door ...
So how to I catch it ?
If I go and get a trap its a 14 mile round trip, I don't have time today really and my car in garage tomorrow...
And I'm worried about it chewing things - like the work papers in the boxes (waiting to be sorted) or my grandads papers etc from WW2 ...or things I can't even think about that are in here...
(I know I need a really good declutter - please don't tell me...)

Any inspiration? I know the cat might catch it - but it is obviously crap at keeping hold of them...sad

ThatBloodyWoman Thu 27-Mar-14 08:53:00

Unless you can corner it and scoop it up in an empty wastepaper bin, or in your hands with some leather gloves on, you will need engineering skills and the kids craft box.

Phone the school and set them a challenge grin

ThatBloodyWoman Thu 27-Mar-14 08:57:20

To be fair, if you have rooms like that, with sentimental or valuable items buried, I would set a humane trap ( very very regularly checked) until you can get it sorted, regardless of Daft Cat.

Make the 'trap trip' asap.

unlucky83 Thu 27-Mar-14 11:01:58

Thanks - I was about to post
Oh hell - I'm going have to do that trap trip aren't I ? Was hoping someone came up with a jamjar covered in cling film or something ...

When I thought actually facing the mountain will be a damn site quicker than getting a trap ...I made a 'run' to the open front door...using boxes/noticeboard/trays with the clothes from the recycling bag blocking the gaps...
Then I started moving stuff - with a stick for poking into gaps and tea bags to throw at it to get it moving in the right direction..
And I've done it! Mousey made a bid for freedom ...don't hold out much hope for its future though as it didn't seem a particularly bright or agile mouse ...took it three attempts to realise the open door meant freedom! ...last seen disappearing into some shrubbery...
(Cat wasn't very bright either -meowing behind a closed door - when it could have gone out of its cat flap and come round to the front)
Now I am surrounded by the clutter in its unstacked form - really is shocking amount ...sad ...should spur me on to sort it out (most of it isn't stuff I can just dump - it needs me to 'do' something to it first - like the old work files)...
But by the time I've stacked it up again (will hoover/dust behind) and done the work I need to do today will be school pick up ...
Next time I'm out I'll get a trap anyway...

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