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Auto immune aches and cleaning!

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SquishyCookie Thu 27-Mar-14 08:11:42

Hi all,

I'm 27, mother to two girls (6&3), work 3 full days (+2hrs commuting, joy) and I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fybromyalgia and afew others they are working on giving me more pills for.

Anyway, thats my life, my question is does anyone else suffer with the same pains etc and how the helicopter do you keep on top of cleaning too. On my days off, I schedule docs and appointments etc and then have swimming lessons and Beavers etc. I'm worn out, and I'm now throwing into the mix afew exams for my AAT over the next couple of months and possibly having to job hunt again.

Its all stress at the moment and Cleaning is bottom of the list. Any help and advise appreciated!!!

Thanks smile

Jemster Thu 27-Mar-14 22:41:23

Hi there I have RA too and work part time. Two lively dc's to look after when not at work and I barely find time or energy to do housework. Today I had someone coming over so dashed home from work and blitzed the place. Am paying for it now as have aches and pains and exhausted.
I've thought about getting a cleaner but can't really afford it.
I find it very hard keeping on top of everything so will be watching for any suggestions.

wonkylegs Thu 27-Mar-14 22:57:23

I've had RA 16 yrs (predates by DH & DS) and until last the beginning of last year worked FT, I now work PT & am managing the renovation of our house.
Regarding cleaning - you need to take a relaxed attitude to cleaning.
When I worked FT we had a cleaner for 2hrs once a week, & tbh when we've finished the renovation work we will probably do this again.
She concentrated on the stuff I couldn't easily do - heavy or bending low (kitchen/bathroom/hoovering).
We then all kept on top of everything else. It wasn't necessarily tidy but it was clean.
Whilst we are doing the renovation work & I'm PT, I'm doing the cleaning.
We bought a second Hoover so I don't have to lug them up & down stairs (because I can't). I do it in small chunks (20-30mins)or if heavy going (5mins burst) then go and do something completely different.
Try & plan & prioritise what you do so you don't waste time doing non essentials.
It's your family's house & their mess too - spread the load. My 5yo DS earns his pocket money by helping out - loading washing machine, folding washing, tidying family room & bedroom etc.

SquishyCookie Fri 28-Mar-14 01:37:39

I was thinking that, getting the girls more involved. Sing for their supper. Maybe I'll start with little jobs! We've recently been renovating a second property to sell and its taken it all out of me, I've had to stay at home and let my partner take control.

I'm seriously tempted to get a cleaner in, washing and ironing is the worst along with hoovering. I like the idea of getting another hoover for upatairs.

I can never seem to get on top of it, I'll have a blitz. Then regret blitzing. Then its back to a tip within days while I'm at work.

My DP is great at getting tidied up, sometimes. Although he won't do our dinner when I get in from work. He works nights so is up and about all day from 11am, so dinner is a bone of contention especially as my wrists and fingers seem to be continuously flaring lately so peeling, mashing and generally all cooking is sore!!!!

Thanks for the comments :-)

wonkylegs Fri 28-Mar-14 09:49:40

I stopped peeling potatoes about 10yrs ago. I just can't do that motion with my fingers.
Jackets with skins, mash with skins, chipped/wedges with skins - DH peels for roasts. DH got used to it very quickly & DS has never known anything different.
Cooking - I've a few very low effort dishes for my bad days. DH used to help out more but he now gets home too late really so in the week I tend to cook.
Kids can be very helpful especially if you give them small distinct jobs. DS has a chart on the wall which he fills in when he does jobs rather than me actually giving him cash. He is currently working towards a DVD he wants. He'll happily lug the washing downstairs & stuff it in the machine, then all I have to do is put powder & softener in & switch it on.
I rarely iron (special occasions only), I tumble dry uniform/work shirts & take them out & hang them up immediately and that avoids that chore.

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