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if you had four hours of a cleaner's time...

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SuperConfused Wed 26-Mar-14 16:01:05

.. to do a 'deep clean' in a 2-bed flat, what would you ask them to do?

Our landlord has offered to pay a cleaner to spend 4 hours doing a deep clean on our flat. (He hasn't visited so its not a passive aggressive dig!)

DP and I both working v long hours atm and I have noticed its starting to look grubby. Kitchen counters, hob, bathroom and floors are generally cleaned as and when, at least every week, but there are lots of specific tasks mounting up: I know 4 hours won't fix everything, but this is giving me a spur to get it sorted.

What I want is to spend some time at the weekend cleaning and then have a list of left over tasks for the cleaner to focus on, but I'm not sure what things I should do myself and which ones its better to have a professional to do.

Things that need doing off the top of my head
-skirting boards are grubby
- kitchen cupboards need cleaning inside and out
- dishwasher and washing machine need wiping down on all the integrated covers
- wardrobes/chests of drawers/book shelves are a bit dusty
- oven needs a proper clean, at least with oven pride overnight, maybe an oven man: I assume I can't ask anyone to look at this.

Are these the kind of things I can ask someone to do, or are there other things a cleaner would do routinely in a deep clean that I'm missing out on? Have never been in this position so want to make the most of it!

Pantone363 Wed 26-Mar-14 16:06:45


Wiping down walls/door frames/light switches

Windows inside

Goandplay Thu 27-Mar-14 14:45:41

Could you google deep clean/spring clean check list and go from there?

Or take a note pad and sit in each room and start top to bottom writing everything you can possibly clean down and cross off or choose from list?

At a minimum you want floors, walls and ceilings cleaned then work in?

coffetofunction Thu 27-Mar-14 15:10:58

I'm a cleaner & I'm happy to so pretty much anything providing my clients are grateful (a compliment every now & again goes a long way), don't look down there nose at me, don't take the piss & expect everything done every week.

I'd get them to keep on week to week stuff, floors bathrooms, bedrooms/making beds, dusting, kitchens, ect then maybe other jobs to get thro over the month, cleaning fridge, windows, inside of cupboards, washer draw, under sofa ect....

I would never clean someone's cooker out tho!!

Also get viakal for bathrooms- it's amazing smile

Sunnyshores Mon 31-Mar-14 13:17:30

There are specialist oven cleaner companies like OvenU, charge about £50 they are amazing.

Personally I'd rather get a cleaner to completely do 1 or 2 rooms, rather than say all the skirting boards in all the rooms. Then I'd be more inspired to do the other rooms myself.

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