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Best cafetiere

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higgle Mon 24-Mar-14 13:34:01

My Bodum cafetiere has never been much good and now the working bits come unscrewed and let the grounds through all the time. Can anyone recommend a good quality large replacement that actually makes coffee that is not full of bits of gunk and is easy to clean without it falling to bits?

PigletJohn Mon 24-Mar-14 13:42:13

what happens when you screw it back together after washing the gauze?

You can get replacement bits for bodum. Debenhams own brand is similar. Other makes seem to have plated plastic tops rather than metal.

GoingToBedfordshire Mon 24-Mar-14 13:46:15

Try an aeropress. Loads better than a cafetiere IMO.

higgle Mon 24-Mar-14 14:33:51

Aeropress looks good, but I want to make a jog of coffee not just one cup.

GoingToBedfordshire Mon 24-Mar-14 16:26:23

Fair enough!

tulipsaredelicious Mon 24-Mar-14 16:52:44

This looks good.

PigletJohn Mon 24-Mar-14 17:05:23

I do like the look of a cafetiere, though, especially on a Sunday Brunch table.

CountessOfRule Mon 24-Mar-14 17:06:50

When our Bodum got dropped hmm we replaced it with an IKEA one which goes in the dishwasher. Does three big mugs at a time.

Lunaballoon Mon 24-Mar-14 17:21:52

Watching with interest after I managed to scald myself quite badly with our Boden cafetiere. The plunger has been getting increasingly stiff and yesterday while pushing down it slipped spraying boiling water up my arm. sad

kansasmum Mon 24-Mar-14 22:21:23

I have one that I bought in M&S years ago. It's makes great coffee and is dead easy to clean.
Thoroughly recommend M&S cafetiere.

PigletJohn Mon 24-Mar-14 22:25:54


has it had a replacement glass?

higgle Mon 24-Mar-14 22:50:00

After due thought and consideration I've ordered one of these Bodum 8 cup columbia it has lots of good reviews,so hopefully I'll be having nice grounds free hot coffee next week.

Lunaballoon Tue 25-Mar-14 08:15:03

Not sure if we've ever replaced the glass, PJ. It's so old, I can't remember. I'm now thinking my plungeability problem may have been due to a residue build up on the gauze.

TheArticFunky Tue 25-Mar-14 08:27:54

I think they are all the same. We had an expensive Bodum, after Dh accidentally broke it we replaced it with a Tesco one. It is the same as the Bodum at a fraction of the price. With a lot of branded goods it's a case of 'The Emperors New Clothes'. They don't do anything different.

tulipsaredelicious Tue 25-Mar-14 10:13:59

All I'll say is don't buy the sainsburys one. Glass is weak. It broke after a few weeks and we'd hardly used it at all.

Iwantvino Tue 25-Mar-14 10:19:24

We have one of these - lasted years so far. Expensive but worth it.

Tia4 Tue 25-Mar-14 17:24:21

It's LA Cafetiere for me - have had mine 23 years and only had to replace glass twice. I have the 3, 8 and 12 cup sizes.

Trumpton Tue 25-Mar-14 17:42:39

I have had THIS ONE for years.
I fell in love with it and DD and her husband bought it for me despite being told by everyone that I would get fed up with it. I haven't got fed up yet and it still makes me smile. Overpriced maybe but makes me joyful.

thenumberseven Tue 25-Mar-14 18:17:42

Love the one you've ordered

I have a Bodum but the usual plastic and glass one also a smaller one which I don't use for coffee. Use it to froth up the milk

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