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What are your thoughts on carpet cleaning companies?

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shoom Fri 21-Mar-14 18:30:35

It's a new house to me, the carpets are good condition but grubby.

Nicplus2 Fri 21-Mar-14 20:46:07

Ive had mine cleaned before and they came up great and just felt cleaner lol, werent expensive so i probably would especially as it someone elses grub

EnlightenedOwl Sat 22-Mar-14 21:41:47

Always have mine professionally cleaned just get them done once a year and they come up fab.

shoom Sat 22-Mar-14 21:44:09

Thanks, I've looked online and there's a big variety of companies and techniques ("dry" versions, protective coatings etc). I'd be interested to hear from anyone who was or wasn't happy, and what method was used.

MacademiaNut Sat 22-Mar-14 21:47:25

I do ours regularly (they are cream) and I find hiring a rug doctor is just as good and cheaper. I find varying standards with carpet companies depending on the person who is doing the job and how much effort they put in with stains. The machine they use is identical to rug doctors as far as I know. I pay about £25 to hire it and I always seem to have plenty of the cleaning fluid stored up from previous goes. The cleaning stuff is the pricey bit, but even getting 1 room only was £70 with the pros so still saved a lot.

MacademiaNut Sat 22-Mar-14 21:49:22

I've tried stain protector - no difference.

Dry just means less wet. It's best to get it on a day when it's dry warm and sunny as it will dry quicker. You need to keep windows open and doors if poss.

NCFTTB Sat 22-Mar-14 21:56:08

I have my carpets cleaned once a year and it's sooooo worth it. I use an Eco cleaning company.

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