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IRONING LADIES - how much do they charge on average?

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shoobaloo Wed 16-Aug-06 14:21:22

I HATE ironing with a passion! Don't mind t-shirts etc so much - it's DH's work shirts that do my head in! Anyway, just wondered how much ironing ladies charge on average and how they normally work out what to charge. DH has said that if it's reasonable he'll pay to have his shirts ironed! yippee!

littlemissbossy Wed 16-Aug-06 14:29:36

There are different ways of charging IME - by weight, so many items for a set fee, so much per item or an hourly charge - so it varies.

shoobaloo Wed 16-Aug-06 14:34:12

Ok - sorry - I guess it was a bit vague . I reckon DH would need about 6 shirts a week ironed.

nailpolish Wed 16-Aug-06 14:41:54

i do ironing for other people

i charge 70p per item (ie shirts) going up to £2.50 for king size duvets etc

£2 pick up and delivery

shoobaloo Wed 16-Aug-06 14:43:52

HI NP - do people generally get you to do more than the six shirts I've mentioned? Would I have to give them more to do?

nailpolish Wed 16-Aug-06 14:46:32

no, im not bothered in the slightest how much people give me

one woman comes round with about 5-10 items a week, another gives me 5 baskets once a month, its whatever they prefer, whatever fits into their life!

where are you? ill do them if you like!

the best place to look for ironing ladies is in your local rag, some dry cleaners provide this service but it can be more costly with them

littlemissbossy Wed 16-Aug-06 14:47:53

BTW I pay 60p an item plus £2 collection and delivery ... you'll end up sending the lot/most of it not just 6 shirts LOL

gomez Wed 16-Aug-06 14:49:19

We pay 60p per item of adult clothing - comes back on a coat-hanger and wrapped. We drop-of and collect.

If it is just for shirts try a dry cleaners - for example I think Morrisons launder and iron 5 shirts for a fiver or something like that.

mcmum Wed 16-Aug-06 15:48:32

my ironing lady charges £5:00 per hour and she gets through aot in an hour

iota Wed 16-Aug-06 15:51:42

the ironing service that I use charges £1.30 per lb

shirts are a bargain - I think it works out at about 50p

free collection and delivery

fairyjay Wed 16-Aug-06 16:06:20

My weekly ironing costs between £10 and £25, excluding bedlinen, underwear etc. They collect and deliver. I think the charge works out at something like £2.60 per kilo.

AlwaysOnTheGo Wed 16-Aug-06 16:11:37

Our ironing lady collects and delivers 48 hours later. Charges £1.50 per lb but this is going up to £1.70 in September. Everything arrives back like it has been to the dry cleaners - on hangers and in clear plastic with and sheets wrapped per bed and covered in plastic too.

Fab service - has changed my life !

Never send out childrens ironing, only household and adults

smal Tue 26-Sep-06 09:18:53

I iron for 2 hours a day and also clean for 3 £7 an hour am i short changing myself

dreamteamgirl Tue 26-Sep-06 15:19:30

My ironing lady charges £5.00 per hour and takes about 1.5 hours to do a decent size laundry basket

shhhh Sun 01-Oct-06 18:08:03

We have ours collected and delivered back..usually the next day but sometimes after 48 hours.Not really a concern for us.

She charges £17.50 per bag (which is one of the laundrette stripy hesian type bags). I give her everything...Sheets,dh's work and day tops, my tops, trousers and dd's day clothes. If the bag is overflowing which it usually is after 2-3 weeks then it can be up to £25. BTW she usually comes around once every 2 weeks..Depends how organised I am at telling her I have ironing..!!

BTW I hate ironing BUT thought last week I would give it a go. I did 2 lots of bedding and pillowcases, all of dd's clothes and a few of dh & I's tops and it took me 1.5 hours.!! Thats why I hate it..! So I guess if she did the lot it would take over 5 hours but then again maybe she has a super dooper iron or one of the press iron thingy ma jigs..??!!!
Worth every penny though imo..!!

Mrsmarksy1967 Thu 29-Jan-15 12:18:18

I am seriously thinking of setting up an ironing service, and wondered if anybody has any advice?

I have been looking for part time work for 5 years and finally got a MDSA job at my children's school, but it is only for an hour a day.

My mother suggested I could look into ironing from home as I actually enjoy it and I am afraid I am the sad person who irons everything.

So any advice would be great, including the best sort of advertising.
Thank you.

pinki261 Sun 29-May-16 09:57:32

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edgaras71 Sun 20-Nov-16 17:07:35

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Sahida123 Mon 28-Nov-16 07:52:09

Hi everyone need someone to do my ironing on a weekly basis u live in Ilford pls can anyone help. Thanks

anafortunato Wed 04-Jan-17 18:23:49

Hi everyone! I'm looking for someone available to do Ironing only.
I'm based on SW18. Anyone available or can recommend someone?

Many thanks and happy new year!! smile

Ebony91 Thu 12-Jan-17 14:40:01

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Jaicha Sun 19-Feb-17 01:39:35

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Jojo0000 Mon 10-Apr-17 22:40:08

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Helenisat29 Thu 15-Mar-18 10:25:50

Hi, The lady who irons my shirts has charged me £7.00 for six shirts (for DH's work). Although she's great, I started because I couldn't iron when I smashed my arm. Now I keep going because she's had a hard time recently.
I'm not particularly well off. Do you think she's overcharging? Should I discuss it with her, or do you think I should just find someone else? It's a faff to iron, no room to set up ironing board...

Pinkcupcake1232 Sun 10-Jun-18 14:06:10

Hiya, how much do people charge to do ironing please x

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