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Weekly housework routines?

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Cat98 Wed 19-Mar-14 15:04:53

Does anyone have a routine or rota for housework? I mean daily jobs but also weekly/fortnightly ones.
Also how you split tasks with your partner if you work part time and s/he works full time would be useful.
Thank you

Technical Wed 19-Mar-14 15:37:55

Ooh, I'm so glad you asked, I have a wonderful system that has been perfected over 2 years but I can't talk about it in RL - people think I'm weird grin

My aim is to get it all done without it impacting on "my" time, so:

I get up at 7am sharp and shower. Then I sort the recycling, put on the bread maker, empty dishwasher, quick tidy through house (if you do it everyday it takes less than 5 mins), empty washing machine (put on last night) and hang it out get dinner out of freezer if necessary and give both toilets a quick wipe round before getting DS1 up at 7:30. I have a cuppa with him while he eats breakfast, then he leaves for the bus at 8:50.

That gives me 25 mins before I need to get DS2 up so I do one or two weekly jobs each day

Monday - change beds (boys strip their own and bring sheets down and re-make them when they get home from school) quick hoover of whole house
Tuesday- Quick dust whole house, empty bins
Wednesday - Thorough clean of bathrooms (as opposed to the quick daily wipe round)
Thursday - mop kitchen floor (Ds has to get up a bit earlier so I can do it after breakfast)
Friday - Polish doorhandles and mirrors, clean inside one window

8:15 get DS2 up, get dressed and do my own hair and make-up.Have breakfast with DS2. 8:45 we leave for school and work

When I get in from work I spend 15 mins each day deep cleaning one room or group of rooms per week. That's when I move things to dust, hoover the edges of the room or clear out a cupboard. It works out that every room gets done once a month and again if you keep on top of it and do it regularly, there's not actually that much to do so it doesn't take long.

Dishwasher and washing machine run overnight each day, ready to be emptied in the morning.

DH does most of the outdoor jobs and is responsible for ironing. I find it easier to allocate him "his" jobs, rather than expecting him to "help" and being disappointed.

I meal plan on a Weds eve (takes 5 mins max but saves loads of time and money for the rest of the week) I do the shopping in between dropping off Dcs at Scouts/Cubs and going to my Yoga class once a week and I bake a batch of cakes every Friday when I get in from work.

By doing it daily in short bursts it doesn't really feel like "doing the housework" it's just your daily routine, like brushing your teeth.

Have I forgotten anything?

ghostinthecanvas Wed 19-Mar-14 15:40:34

Oh marking place. Going to read Technicals post properly later.

dashoflime Wed 19-Mar-14 15:55:15

Wow Technical I am impressed at your routine smile

I am not very house proud but I am trying to introduce routine to make things a bit nicer and more manageable. Here's what I do:

Up at 7.00:
Quick shower
Empty washer-drier machine and refill with next load
Iron the most crumpled things (only one or two items because of my low standards grin)
Put coffee on to brew
Wash dishes from previous night
Get Ds up, feed and dress him
Return Ds to cot, bring coffee to Dh (Ds is able to play quietly until Dh has drunk coffee and had a shower)
Off to work

After work:
Cook for Ds and me
Bath and bedtime routine for Ds

After Ds is Asleep:
Empty washer-drier and refill with next wash
Iron the one or two most crumpled things
Tidy away detritus from Ds bath
Do some proper cleaning- different area of the house each day

We also do sex and housework days which I swear are the secret to a successful marriage. It only happens once in a blue moon though because it needs someone (grandparents!) to take Ds out for the day. It goes like this:

Wave off Ds- have lovely sex
Cup of tea and a sandwich
Both clean the house really well
Bit of time to watch telly and chat before Ds comes back

I'm pretty sure sex and housework is all there really is to a marriage. if you can devote a day to both, you've basically got everything out of the way. Plus- the sense of well being from being both sexually satisfied and sitting in a clean house is hard to beat.

justkeeponsmiling Wed 19-Mar-14 16:13:29

Wow, technical what an awesome routine!! I'm going to try and adapt it, or something similar, to suit our house/life immediately! Love it!
dash I am also really liking your sex and housework theory. I think you might be onto something...

Blithereens Wed 19-Mar-14 16:21:33

Here's mine:

Weekday mornings: make bed, empty dishwasher, do cat's medication, wipe down kitchen surfaces. Put wash on/change sheets/towels etc if it's a Tuesday or a Thursday (days I don't work). Go to work otherwise. If not working, I'll also hang wash up to dry, and put it away once it is. I clean the shower while I'm in there. I also order and put away the food shop.

Weekday evenings: I don't do much to be honest except general tidying, wipe the bathroom sink down and clean the toilet.

Weekends: Clean bathroom properly, dust everywhere (UGH) clean mirrors.

DH does: nothing weekday mornings apart from the bins once a week, but in the evenings he makes dinner, loads the dishwasher and cleans the litter tray. He loads the dishwasher before bed. Weekends he hoovers.

Technical Wed 19-Mar-14 16:22:03

Good luck just, hope it helps. I would just say don't try and do it all at once. Pick two or three things that are important to you and do them consistently for a week or two then add more gradually

madabootthehoose2 Wed 19-Mar-14 16:56:32

Please don't leave washing machines on overnight. They do go on fire surprisingly often. Mine did during the day once, luckily I was in.
Not sure if dishwashers are the same.

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