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Cleaning a trampoline?

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AllFurCoat Wed 19-Mar-14 12:50:35

What's the best way to do it?! It's been left uncovered over winter and is covered in green stuff. The DCs are desperate to use it, but I'm not letting them near it yet! I've used brown dettol on the swings, would it be ok on the trampoline too? Definitely getting a cover next year!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Wed 19-Mar-14 13:47:16

I just use hot water and washing up liquid and a green scrubby.

Forago Wed 19-Mar-14 14:25:37

I pressure wash mine with fairy liquid - the hose would do I am sure (we have a cover on the jumping bit though)

LimeLelloLizard Wed 19-Mar-14 14:47:10

We recently washed ours in hot water with washing up liquid and a drop of bleach. DH took the safety net off first, which I washed in a huge bucket of water - it wouldn't all fit in but I sort of turned it round in the water.

And then hosed the whole lot off. Kids have been back on it for about a week and it is great to make them wrestle out there rather than the floor of the living room!

ThatBloodyWoman Wed 19-Mar-14 14:49:48

I wouldn't use anything stronger than washing up liquid.

Or the kids could just wear old clothes and rub it off on themselves....

AllFurCoat Wed 19-Mar-14 20:49:59

Thanks everyone! I think most of the crap's built up on the bit that covers the springs, so will get DP to take that off for me - I don't want to get my hands dirty grin I'll try washing up liquid, I was worried anything stronger might damage it somehow.0

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