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had a wood burning stove fitted in november, just had winter gas bill and the reduction in fuel consumption is...

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nipersvest Wed 19-Mar-14 08:35:02

bill is £200 less than last winters bill. so a bit of a saving, but we were so much warmer with using the stove. and it's much more fun to light and sit in front of than putting on the heating!

we were lucky though as we had a huge log pile built up over the years in preparation for the stove, am aware we could have easily spent £200 or so on wood to burn.

just cut down 3 more trees in the garden (they had to go, subsidence issue with neighbours garage) so that's next years wood sorted!

madabootthehoose2 Wed 19-Mar-14 08:47:38

Did the installation/stove cost about £2000? So in ten years it will have paid for itself. Not bad. Price of wood is rising though. Does your stove heat water? I wonder what the savings are with ones that do water/central heating.

madabootthehoose2 Wed 19-Mar-14 08:49:51

Oh and do you cut down your own trees? Is there the cost of a tree surgeon? I am interested as I put in a fire recently but am thinking about a stove in the kichen.

nipersvest Wed 19-Mar-14 14:03:53

cut down the trees ourselves, a horrible job but rewarding to see the logs mount up, but we have a system for doing it now, even chop up the smaller branches for kindling. we don't include the cost of fitting the stove in the same budget, that was done as part of household maintenance due to the existing fireplace being a death trap and condemned as it gave off carbon monoxide. even if we have to buy logs, i'd rather do that than pay more to british gas!

unfortunately, it's not got a back boiler, wish it did! we kept the stove lit from mid afternoon till about 11 in the evening, i'd never dream of putting the heating on for so long.

madabootthehoose2 Wed 19-Mar-14 15:13:33

Mmm. I would need to include the fitting. Think I will mull it over for a while. I am at home all day so if the kitchen was warm I would not have heating on. A backboiler reduces the heat output too. Hopefully more mnetters with stoves will come along with actual savings figures. Thanks.

Daisybell1 Fri 21-Mar-14 20:51:13

I will get OH to check our oil levels and compare with last year. We had 8 kw stove fitted last autumn. Try a qualified chimney sweep for fitting - we bought the stove and liner at the local builders merchants and fitting was £350.

We also have our own wood supply but we've burnt about a m3 amount of logs and about £50 worth of coal. I won't know more until I know how the oil levels compare.

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