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Unlikey domestic sabotage at your In laws house..

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LordPalmerston Tue 18-Mar-14 07:34:47

or rather "habits your in laws have you just LOVE to screw up"

1, leaving the microwave door open
2. not using the extractor

I shut and I extract obvs

CountessOfRule Tue 18-Mar-14 07:46:10

I leave the microwave door open on purpose - it lets the steam out so the machine doesn't need as much cleaning.

Not all day though.

mousmous Tue 18-Mar-14 07:48:55

I <gasp> recycle.

LordPalmerston Tue 18-Mar-14 11:50:57

What? And they don't ?

mousmous Tue 18-Mar-14 18:18:18

no. everything to landfill...

Crikeyblimey Tue 18-Mar-14 18:22:29

I load and switch on the dishwasher (obviously wrongly) before MIL has chance to reload it "properly".

Smartiepants79 Tue 18-Mar-14 18:23:24

Eat things that are out of date! And, even worse, feed them to the children.
Strangely, I don't feel it necessary to throw away 3 pints of milk just because its been open for a couple of days.(still in date)

Switch off the TV

Open some of the doors and not have my small children stuck in one room all day.

TheArticFunky Tue 18-Mar-14 18:26:18

Why can't you leave the microwave door open?

starfishmummy Tue 18-Mar-14 18:45:40

Considering Mil only drinks fizzy pop and alcohol she has fixed ideas about when tea and coffee can be served.
I love to cause confusion about asking for the wrong sort of drink or for any hot drink at the wrong time of day. (Not allowed to make our own drinks).

LordPalmerston Tue 18-Mar-14 20:30:40

it looks messy

LordPalmerston Tue 18-Mar-14 20:30:52

plus its rather mimsy

TheArticFunky Tue 18-Mar-14 20:41:58

Oh that's ok then. I was worried that there was some bizarre health risk that I didn't know about. Not that I leave mine open anyway.

What does Mimsy mean? I googled and it said slang for female genitalia.

onepieceoflollipop Tue 18-Mar-14 20:45:15

Asking if the children can get some toys out...clearly this is inappropriate when grandma's special friends are due to visit and grandma doesn't want them to see the dgc's toys on the floor.

LordPalmerston Tue 18-Mar-14 20:50:03


NormHonal Tue 18-Mar-14 21:02:15

We eat snacks between meals. Yes, actual food between meals.

<blows MIL's mind>

(Disclaimer: I suffer from low blood sugar and my DCs are young, so snacking is essential, we are not overweight. I have to take snacks with us as they have nothing suitable in the house.)

We also eat fresh food and whole fruit. Rather than something that has been cooked and frozen three months earlier, or fruit that has been juiced or smoothied.

And breakfast. We eat that. Yup. Cereal, milk, the works. We are weird. (MIL has been known to call me that.)

NearTheWindymill Tue 18-Mar-14 21:10:11

I throw away newspapers. There is no need to keep papers for three weeks.

I put more than one tea bag in a large pot.

I refuse to count food - it is not educational for the children it is rude.

I do not need to keep washed out yoghurt pots.

We laugh and try to enjoy ourselves a bit.

carlywurly Tue 18-Mar-14 21:24:57

I cook from scratch rather than using a packet to make crumble topping.
I buy fresh rather than uht milk.
I replace the gone off cupboard stock with fresh food.
I could go on for hours. I really hate staying at Mils. Thankfully she isn't speaking to us at the moment for some barking mad reason so it's not an issue.

Amphisbaena Tue 18-Mar-14 21:31:45

I give my baby yoghurt straight from the fridge. MIL would rather I warmed it in the microwave first.

TheBitterBoy Tue 18-Mar-14 21:41:07

I put the bin liner in the kitchen bin properly so that it stays put, rather than just placing the bag in the bin and not securing it so all the rubbish can go down the sides.

Jenijena Tue 18-Mar-14 21:42:42

It never works, because I never find any, but I look for dust everywhere. Doorframes, chair crossbars, light fittings... Nada. I'm sure there must be some but it is a house of cream, clean and dust free lines.

I don't clean the bath or shower every time I use it, but it's ok because fil does it instead.

Sometimes ok, all the time I leave my shoes in the hallway rather than take them up to the bedroom. There's a strict unspoken no shoes policy.

I'm no slattern but compared to them I live in a state. They're just very tidy clean people and I am not...

MrsPear Tue 18-Mar-14 21:56:57

I am just very relaxed about housework and it drives my husbands family potty. I don't want to live in a show home just clean and tidy one with toys out. In fact I think it is the toys that drives them most potty. You would never know children lived there unless you saw them.

LordPalmerston Tue 18-Mar-14 22:07:40

Bedroom? Shoes ?

evertonmint Wed 19-Mar-14 14:57:40

I leave my washing up liquid by the taps rather than hiding it away in the under sink cupboard.

(Both my ILs and my parents do this. They both leave the sponges and raggy cloths by the sink, but the washing up liquid is clearly unacceptably vulgar)

wannabestressfree Wed 19-Mar-14 15:13:53

My mum hates pegs left on the line. I leave mine out sometimes and it drives her nuts.
My nan at 90 would put everything and I mean everything on one load in the washing machine and then on a 'quick wash'. I used to love removing bits and putting towels on a longer wash..... I could count and wait for all 4"10 of her to come thundering down the passage on her zimmer shouting.
She is in a home now bless her.

Ecclefechan Wed 19-Mar-14 15:48:55

Why can't you leave the microwave door open?

The lightbulb inside will run out if door left open for one hundred years

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