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Organising after decluttering

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PolkadotRosa Mon 17-Mar-14 10:53:56

I'm in the process of helping my parents declutter their home and would be grateful for any advice on getting the stuff they Mum
wants to keep in some kind of order in a functional space (eventually).
It's all still pretty overwhelming at the moment, but we're making progress.

A lot of things belonged to our grandparents so that stuff is harder for mum to let go of.
So any advice/support would be fantastic... Paper clutter is one issue to tackle. At the mo it's all now collected in a mahoosive bag (this is just from the room that once was my brother's bedroom) bills/receipts/documents, Mum's and Grandparents. Things like cards/letters and pics we drew as kids(!) I know she won't want to and can't get rid of them all, and it would be nice for her to keep some, thought of maybe making a scrapbook. Anyone done this? Where can you buy them?

Poughle Mon 17-Mar-14 10:56:55

If there's loads of papers then you might use archive boxes to sort. Labeled nicely by year or whatever. And laminate the artwork and other bits that you want to preserve

morethanpotatoprints Mon 17-Mar-14 11:12:47

Hello OP.

We are the same with stuff from my late parents and all dcs keepsakes.
I use storage boxes, the nice pretty ones and have started a scrapbook of dds programmes and tickets (she performs)
It is looking tidier, but also have lots to do yet.
Anything that is just to be stored indefinitely for the future you could put in a loft, maybe.
They have lovely scrapbooks in partners, WH Smith etc, but I was amazed at prices, they aren't cheap.
We paid pocket money for them as kids, they start about £10 for a basic one and up to £20 for the posher ones.
Good luck OP, I know what its like.
My next one are dds tutus, they should go, but she wants to keep them. grin

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